Part 1 of Naruto is pretty underrated. Shippuden goes to utter garbage, sure...

Part 1 of Naruto is pretty underrated. Shippuden goes to utter garbage, sure, but part 1 is a solid experience the whole way through.

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Boruto is the same.

>but part 1 is a solid experience the whole way through
no. it's solid through the zabusa arc, good but even through the chunin exam, pointless up until the sasuke retrieval arc and then goes to irredeemable garbage
shippuden simply has no redeeming qualities whatsoever aside for the occasinal admittedly well animated episode

also kill yourself narutard

But after Sasuke retrieval arc is non Canon. So you prove his point.

>literally absolutely fucking nothing happens in the land of waves arc
>"yea that's the one! that's the arc I like most"

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When dumb people think they have opinions, but in reality merely parrot what they've been fed. That's what this thread is. People too mentally underdeveloped to understand Naruto, e.g. most of the anime fandom. Very unfortunate animation primarily appeals to the poor and dumb.


Nothing retarded happens, yes
It is a tight arc, that feels grounded and shows a lot of promise for a series about ninjas. Chunin arc is mostly fine too if that was kept as the powerlevel cap for this world, main problem is that the arc is messy and uneven. Also the main pitfalls of the series start to show in that arc

og naruto is as inconsistent as shippuden
the only memorable moments are the Zabuza arc,rock lee vs gaara and naruto vs sasuke

it still has bullshit(neji and choji surviving,kimimaro conviniently dying as he is about to kill gaara and lee, lee making his whole arc pointless by regaining his abilities, orochimaru conviniently not taking sasuke's body)
still has tons of filler, inconsistent animation
tsunade arc is completly boring
neji is a retard
the leaf village is retarted
female cast is pointless

Kishimoto was always a hack, who survived by taking stuff from other manga and was lucky that the anime had a soundtrack that would make people cry even if you put it over a duck shitting

Filler in part 1 is fine. Actually ot jelps build up the relationship between nardo and sauce, so you may actually believe that they are friends. In the manga sauce was just a massive prick the whole time who would have not been missed

Zabuza arc was peak Naruto

>--------- was always a hack, who survived by taking stuff from other -----
you can say this about literally any artist. nobody comes up with 200% original shit on their own. what you do is take bits and pieces from other artist and work with it until you find your own spin on it and eventually people get inspired by you and so on

>neji is a retard
He was 100% right

Still much better than Bleach.

Why do people always do this?

Because I'm trying really fucking hard to get into Bleach and it's just fucking shit.


He wasn't tho. People don't understand that his argument wasn't really about powers, but how fate was determined before you were even out of the womb. In the entire match with Naruto the points he repeatedly drones on about how you can't escape fate and can't rise above what you were predestined to do no matter how hard you try.
Naruto disproves this again and again and most prominently at the end when he broke the cycle of hatred set by Indra/ashura and then became Hokage.

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Naruto was shit after the hokage was killed and Orochimaru invaded Konoha.

I dunno man, Neji couldn't have know these things beforehand.
So his whole argument is that there are factors that just make you a better Ninja
that you can't control whatsoever. Naruto didn't choose to have the Ninetails in him
yet he does and even if it was a hurdle to befriend him it was at least possible.
Someone without a beast doesn't have that. Being the reincarnation of Indra was
also out of his control, but gave him the means to defeat the bitch at the end.
I think Rock Lee and Guy are far more an antithesis to what young Neji was
talking about than Naruto himself ever was.

Following that. Both Neji and Naruto were right to some degree.
The world isn't black and white in that regard.
Being talented or privileged does give you a boost.
Sometimes even one that insurmountable by people without it.
But there is a lot of in-between.

well keep in mind that naruto wasnt the only tailed beast holder and neither was he the only reincarnation. in the first half of the story the fox was a bigger hindrance than benefit
also this
lee would have would whooped nejis ass at the end of shippuden, once a century genius or not

>in the first half of the story the fox was a bigger hindrance than benefit
No it wasn't he literally won all of his fights because of it

Naruto isnt even an epic protagonist desu

And ultimately Neji didn't, he died for the main branch.
And Naruto didn't either, but Naruto was unaware of his role in history, what with being the reincarnation of one of the two sons of the SSP, being the direct son of the Fourth, etc.
Naruto (the series, not the character) seems to suggest that talent (both your upper potential as well as your growth rate) are all that matter.
I was going back through and realized that if Naruto wasn't the child of the fourth, he would literally have been a nobody, he'd be lucky to become a chunin.
Jiraiya would never have trained him.
He would never have been able to beat Gaara or Sasuke or fucking Haku.
He wouldn't even be able to do Shadow Clone shit that well, given that his main use of it is to just overwhelm opponents with huge numbers 90% of the time, and that's only because he overloads the jutsu with Nine-tails chakra.
Naruto is kind of destined to be pushed towards great things since if his parents live and he doesn't get the Nine Tails, then he gets raised by the Fourth and his Uzumaki mom and all the other big-wigs that they know.
And if they do bite the bullet, he gets picked Nine-tails powers and still gets trained by the big-wigs that his parents knew.

>in the first half of the story the fox was a bigger hindrance than benefit
Except that's not true at all.
It's a hindrance to his personal growth because everyone in the village avoids him like the plague (also, where the fuck was Third? Wasn't he supposed to look after Naruto as per a request from Minato?).
But Nine Tails is nothing but a boon to Naruto in every single fight he's in.
It's why he's literally able to do anything of worth in the show.

Yeah the series really shit the bed hard with its themes with all the retroactive twists and the way the final act plays out

It's the big issue with shonen battle series in general: everything is in the bloodline so that the audience self-insert turns out to be some super special character with either a unique power or amazing amount of talent or some bullshit.
It's ultimately pretty weak when that's the only way authors figure out how to develop protagonists such that they stay easily projected-on-to but also 'change' in some way.
Bleach and One Piece have the same fucking issue, where Ichigo turns out to be a weird hybrid of every spiritual species in existence and Luffy has the "Will of D" whatever the fuck that is.
Naruto also has themes of friendship and shit but I can't really say that the main friendships it tries to develop (primarily Naruto and Sasuke) is really that well fleshed out. Naruto and Sasuke knew each other for maybe two months and during that time, Sasuke was a gigantic prick to Naruto on all but maybe 2-3 occasions.

>Luffy has the "Will of D"
Also hes the son of the most wanted man in the world and grandson of the greatest marine

>Part 1 of Naruto is pretty underrated.
HAHAHA what?
Everyone and their mother fellate the fuck out of part 1

Yeah, the bloodline thing is honestly so fucking overdone at this point. It's become cliche.
The themes I was referring to were more like... how originally the shinobi system was shown to be kinda fucked (iirc this was a part of the Zabuza arc but it's been a while so my memory is hazy) and Naruto promised to reform it or some shit but that never went anywhere. Along with Neji's whole "fate" deal, pretty sure Naruto was leaning hard on the free will side of the spectrum and showing "oh you can change your fate, your live is in your hands", and then in Shippuden it throws the whole "reincarnation and prophecy and destiny" thing at us, absolutely nuking that earlier theme.
And yeah Naruto and Sasuke's "friendship" was trite

Naruto goes to shit the moment the chunin exam starts

I thought that was the general consensus.

Itachi BTFOing Sasuke was pretty memorable too. Plus, Itachi being an utter psycho made much MORE sense than him murdering his entire clan to avoid a relatively minor political conflict. Danzo was retarded as always, but so much for a GeNiUs nInJa, I suppose.

Tbf, Luffy doesn't have any talent and the only 'power' he inherited from them (CoC) has been useless over the course of the story.

>Luffy doesn't have any talent
what? Both Naruto and Ichigo have far more drawbacks on their fucking powers than Luffy has on his.