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Based incest power couple.


They aren't related, unfortunately. Why are you so retarded?

Tell me more...


not yet nigga, still hoping for the harem end and 100 girlfriends to add the oyakodon tag

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>Yurifags on suicide watch

I think this is what is killing Romcoms

A best and a winner

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well done, have a good day bro

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What are her clothes made of?

I haven’t been reading this shit forever. Isn’t she a ghost?

Retard braindead moron

yes, so?


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Have to love how the author is madman enough to make 2 older heroines win their respective MC bowls consecutively.

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What are you smoking user

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>Self-insert fiction
Still angry that they cut her hair. It's Yozora all over again, but with boobs and not being worst girl in the series.

Fix that for you.

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>waiting for mafuyu


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