Reminder that anime backgrounds used to look like this

Digital animation has killed the beauty in anime. Now everything is so sterile and washed out.

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Backgrounds are still for the most part painted the same as they ever were.

Find one from an anime airing

What did OP mean here?

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Apparently, Sunrise is saving the dying background art aspect of the anime production by opening a training program specifically for the aid aspect. What does Yas Forums / OP has to say about it?


cheeky cheeky. There's a lot of movies right there.

I'm not watching any this season, but I can 100% guarantee to you that every single anime has hand painted backgrounds. All of them. Not every background is, some of them may be CG or maybe even digitally painted in some cases, but these are never replacements for hand-painted BGs.

>bro remember when everybody tried to ape Kobayashi?
I do, and it wasn't particualrly interesting after the 3rd or so anime. The student surpassed his master a long time ago.

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I find it baffling that background art were hand drawn, i mean it was so detailed or even realistic to be drawn by hand and look flawless at the same time.

Anime backgrounds used to look like this.

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>I can 100% guarantee to you that every single anime has hand painted backgrounds.


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Backgrounds are part of animation, and if you don't consider them to be, then you should stop talking about animation whatsoever because a single minded focus on smoothness and frames per second is what leads us to garbage like calarts style.

Limited animation as an approach to animation is just as valid as the movement approach. And backgrounds are an important part of the philosophy behind limited animation.

That Stone ED is really good

You'd be wrong. Most background art studios work digitally these days, Studio Pablo is one of the few that still work with physical media.

wait, how is this an argument?

>And backgrounds are an important part of the philosophy behind limited animation.

The goal is to keep the picture people look at entertaining. And when you don't have infinite budget, there are two different approaches to this. Either high detail and low movement, or high movement and low detail.
Traditionally/stereotypically, the west has taken the approach of high movement and low detail, and Japan has done high detail and low movement.

"High detail" probably isn't the most accurate term, though. Maybe high processing complexity is a better term, because it also includes things like weird storyboarding, strange effects and so on.

To keep animation engaging without movement, making high quality, detailed backgrounds is one way to do it. Higher quality backgrounds can keep people engaged for longer than a very simplistic background without detail.


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>2 soiboi cheesestrings
>nutrion printed on the front
>hisper font instead of BOLD LETTERING
>16 instead of 24
soul vs soulless, unironically.

From 24 to 16? Heck, they want me to starve.

I love Studio Pablo and what they did with Dororo. One of the best things that happened to the new anime, otherwise not remarkable in the other aspects, even though I personally liked the show.
But yeah digital backgrounds exist and are easy to identify when you see one.

You can't post that without the names of the animes
Shameful display

The chad mascot vs virgin noodle arms mascot

I'll pay you one (You) to make this actually look presentable

Ultraman, Doraemon, Madoka, Penguindrum, Revue Starlight, Grimgar, Aiura and a bunch of others, just reverse image search you lazy fuck

Bottom left is Giovanni's Island.

>Animation is a method in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images.
Still images aren't animation. Please go die if your brain can't comprehend that not everything you see on a screen is animation. Colouring isn't animation, camera angles aren't animation, character designs aren't animation, shading isn't animation
>muh calarts
Go die in a fire you dumb shitter

>Still images aren't animation.
Objectively wrong. Your mind can be tricked into believing still images are animated with a mixture of sound effects and fast cuts.

>when you realize the vast majority of these were drawn by Studio Pablo and Atelier BWCA, the latter of which had to shut down

By that logic, manga is animation too.

Yes, that's right.

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That's not a still image.