Jashinchan Dropkick' Episode 4

Look here angels, it's time for the Weeklyfag thread.

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Why is this series so special that it needs weeklyfag threads apart from the regular threads it already gets? You don't see that with other binge series like A.I.C.O. or ReLife.

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Per-chan is really starting to grow on me.

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Would you join Yurine's kingdom?

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Jashin-chan's upper half is apparently a gyaru.


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The regular threads are utter garbage.

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Doujin when?

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>Jashin-chan-san-sama sends you nightmares if you break it
No idea.

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Jashin-chan must be the most overrated anime of the season on Yas Forums.

Not like these threads are any better.

It's genuinely the funniest anime since Milky Holmes.

I'd grow something inside of her.

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You must choose.

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We are cultists.

Marry and impregnate Yurine
Rape the angels.
Do torturous tender-loving guro things to Jashin-chan.

Jashin-chan has corona

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I wonder if we would enjoy this is jashin-chan wasn't a lamia.

>human jashin-chan is taller than both yurine and atm
So she's the man in the relationship after all.

I enjoy ryona.

I want paizuri from Minos

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ah, I see it. Because of the double hair buns and the fact that she's chinese, right? that's clever, did you come up with that yourself? You should use that as a spring board for your comedic career.

There is no choice here.

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you're going to have to work harder for that social credit, son

Punch Yurine in the face

I mean it though. The world right now needs more topical humor. People who point at things and say "hey, have you heard about this? that's kinda crazy isn't it!"

When does it "air" for full larping? Extra points for horriblesubs time delay.

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Can we please not post the ugly ATM?

Per-chan is SAVAGE.

Per-chan for me.


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