U-19&Axed manga

Let's have a thread about axed manga
What series do you wish to survive and what series you're happy it got axed?

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RIP Hungry Marie.

>What series do you wish to survive
Undead, I guess. Atleast it's as dead as GotW/AB but it still worries me.
>What series you're happy it got axed?
Definitely S8. I don't really hate Kishimoto and I'm not particularly happy for any series getting killed, but damn, it felt nice seeing that insane push blow up in their face.

Mitama, UU and AB
>happy it got axed
Only Sam8, cause it stayed that long because of Kishi's name (which, while understandable, still annoyed me). Aside from that one I'm not happy about the axe , I always feel bad about newbie authors getting their dreams crashed like that.

It's not* as dead

Samon could have easily been a purely comedy series that runs for years and years, shame it got derailed with forced drama

Samurai 8 was great, fuck WSJ for screwing it over especially after Kishi gave them both Naruto AND Boruto

I'm happy that UndeadxUnluck seems to be doing alright.

I was pretty happy to see Samurai 8 go if we're talking most recent. It just sucked. Kishimoto proved he needs far stricter editors to do anything. I mean, the second 2/3rds of Naruto being mostly terrible kinda proved that too but at least the first 3rd of Nardo was good enough to let him coast on goodwill.

Before that I was pleased to see Tokyo Shinobi Squad get axed because it took a fun premise and did literally nothing with it.

jump is bullshit, all mangas should be axed

Who gonna get the axe next?



I miss futari no taisei, Zipman, Noah’s notes, and David-Kun.
RIP David Kun, truly ahead of it’s time.

Noah's Note first few chapters were unironically good, I'd bet it would survive with a niche similar to the Dr.Stone one. Too bad it went to shit shortly after.
David-kun being cancelled is a crime against god and the prove of nips shit taste.

Honestly David and Samon just made it clear that WSJ is for battleshits only, there will never be another Kochikame

I'm still mad about Samon, though to be fair the author shot himself in the foot with the godawful battle shonen arc

Double Taisei was a lot of fun but the shogi portions dragged it down way too hard. I hope the author tries again with something that isn't board game oriented.

Say hi to the next promising U19 club member!

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I wonder what part of it is his own doing and what part is editorial push to make it more marketable
And I don't think Numa has another steady gig after that which is sad

I wanted it to last at least a it longer so the reveal would have been built up more

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U19 and Hungry Marie were terrible.

What's kind of odd is how the rankings never recovered even after that arc was over, so it either drove a lot of people away or the audience didn't like that he was focusing more on the newer demons than Samon and Tesshi's school pals. For me the most memorable chapters were the ones before that arc.

Hungry Marie was jinxed the moment they cut away from that girl just as she was about to use the toilet.

It probably left people in a bad taste and wary that Shun was gonna take it in that direction going forward. So people kept it at arm's length

Half the reason I like Mitama so much is how much it resembles the first half of Samon-kun. Loveable cast that can carry the chapter even if the comedy isn't strong, using the supernatural, mostly invisible allies to mess with people and get into trouble, and the feMC unexpectedly turning out to be the best character.

Saiyuki had a lot of interesting ideas and seemed to at least have likeable characters, but alternated between a slow pace, cliched early plot developments, and exposition dumps. Shame that the author appears to have gone MIA.

Never checked out Hungry Marie, but U19 stepped into so bad it's good territory.

I expected it to do a serious arc at some point since the premise is all about a naughty summoner making enemies with almost all the residents of Hell, but the execution was awful. The action was stale, and I don't know why Numa thought sidelining one of the MCs for an entire arc was a good idea.


>old people are assholes
>so we should LITERALLY genocide the boomers
>except mechanics are okay I guess
>and we have superpowers to do it
>also this boy is a delinquent but he's got a soft side with sewing

There were a lot of elements that were retarded and made it unlikable.


Shame, youkai stuff is usually decent.

I felt like David-kun had run its course and the author didn't really have that many gags left in him.

Samon, on the other hand, could have been the next Saiki. It lasted 2 years so I feel like it should have had an anime to give it a final chance of success.

Why didn't Samurai 8 get an anime as a last-ditch effort to save it?

>muh superior nippon eugenics
>forcing the feMC to hook up with a random guy with superior genes even though she already has a boyfriend
It was retarded, but that's what made it funny.