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fucking gay and ruined

wrong, idiot

Fuck off toubuntards immigrants

cute character development

Fucking cute and much improved.

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damn, Hayasaka's new do looks terrible on her

Feminine man and woman would never understand this beauty of friendship.

I'd probably find that hairstyle cute on a new character, but don't care for it on Hayasaka

Garbage taste

are Prez's friends going to fuck Hayasaka's friends?

Can we finally go back to /ourguy/ now?

>oregairufaggot making a kaguya thread
oh no

better than kaguyacancer making kaguya thread


That's cute. When does she get a love interest? It's the only thing she is missing.

Holy shit, I thought that was Iino. That's Hayasaka? Fucking ruined.

they hated Jesus because he spoke the truth

prez's mistress is cute

Mikado will make her happy,from little info we know about him he also striving to have normal life

His character development when? We need a crewcut.

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She'll start dating Chika soon, don't worry


Wait this is Hayasaka? Why would you do this to her? Definitely not picking the series back up.

you're not very good at this!

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Congratulations Kaguya/Kaichou, was getting cucked part of your plan?

Please be fake.


I'll miss the sidetail and the fake boobs but she does look good.

>no more possible ponytail
fuck this shit and anyone who disagrees are trash

Sorrey manga yisus can't listen to you at this moment, it is truly true