Houkago Teibou Nisshi

Episode 3 Preview


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Well, that's kinda old.
Hopefully girls will defeat the corona soon and go fishing again.

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

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user I...

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is this show like yuru camp?


like yama no susume

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Yes and no. It's like Yuru Camp but also Yama no Susume and K-On and also in Dogakobo style in a Barakamon-like setting.

tldr: just watch it

>he doesn't know

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So, now what, user?

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Me first

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hop in faggot, we're going to the wet markets to eat bat soup

This is my wife. I am patiently awaiting her episode.

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can't wait for tomorrow! :)

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I think it's more like the early episodes of k-on right now, everyone just says it's the same as yuru camp because of the outdoors association

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Why is the second season of this so fucking erotic holy shit.

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I'll never forgive you China for taking away the only comfy thing this season.

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somebody save hina!

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New episode tomorrow... right?


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