Magic or candy?

Magic or candy?

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Magic a shit

I’d take Magic over Candy any day

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Eating candy while watching magic show


Someone tell Senpai her panties are pulled down

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the one that wears childish panties

I get that she has big tits and thick thighs but everything else about Tejina is a downside.

If you kiss the other one though you'll get diabetes

Magic is

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Wait why are her panties down???

She looks so punchable.

Candy raped her before her magic show

Nah, Cookies > Candy > Magic

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What about magical candy?


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She's dead Jim

magic is slightly better (funnier) but they're both godtier waifus to tease

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look at those fucking tits, just look at them
how can chestlets even compete?

candy, magic is just ugly

Magic candy that makes her younger as in JS.

Magic desu

I like dumb and sloppy girls



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A shit

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