My Hero Academia

what does hori mean by this?

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Deku wants the diku

The fuck, I’m starting to believe it.

Kacchan is AMAZING.

based mineta

>mineta lusts after girls
>deku asks him what he's talking about while staring at kacchans dick
what a faggot

Kaminari and tail in their own world.

That Deku knows good dick when he sees it.

Why is he blushing?

You know why.

So he's gay after all. So brave of the author to introduce the first officially gay mc in Jump

>MC is a faggot
Unironically just kill deku off already. He's not a real hero, just wanted the clout.

Love not hate, user.

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God damn, rock boy is just a massive as sugarlips, maybe larger.

There is a person directly infront of Deku.

He is looking in horror at the horrid mass of burns that Bakugo got on his penis from his quirk going off when he masturbates.

Kacchan is chaste and doesn't know what that is. Deku's just in awe of the D.

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Where's the dong?

holy shit why is the animal guy so jacked?
His power is talking to animals why is he so buff

Deku would be able to see around Kirishima. Hori definitely constructed this scene with plausible deniability, but it's easy to see what's being implied. The fact that Bakugo's towel is on his shoulder and Koda's head is strategically blocking the view is no accident.

To hug them better.

Since his fight with shinsou he's been battling early onset dementia.

I’m just here to see how far these MHA threads can devolve before being deleted entirely from this board.

Hey Miruko-chads, can I have a clean version of this cover? I know you have it.

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Kacchan doesn't masturbate, he does pushups until he passes out whenever he gets horny.

This doujin about this, user.

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Thats scaringly in-character for a doujin

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I just started MHA, currently at chapter 50.
What i'm in for?

You already read 50 chapters, you should know by now what you are into

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unrequited love

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Tokoyami has unrequited love of Deku? Didn't see that one coming.

>wtf, my faggot sense is tingling like crazy
>nevermind, its him again

Is this real?

Probably that people would have trouble recognizing a tiny image of the back of Deku's head with wet hair, so he had to draw him looking to the side so you could tell who was talking.


>I swear to god if this nigga doesn't pass the ponzu


He has dark shadow, why does he need deku to even pass it?

Is Mineta the only straight character in this shit?

It even looks like he has little blush lines

Nah, Kirishima's a bit to the side

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Its rude to reach across the table

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>man I'm so glad I can talk with kacchan so normally
Why is hori such a fucking faggot with his self-insert? Is it stockholm syndrome from the time he was bullied in school or what?

It’s rude to interrupt someone’s homoerotic musings too, you know.