Just finished part 4
>No one is likeable
>Character development is slim to none
>Episodes with Yakako are among the worst (and she is among the worst Jojo characters)
>Too much plot armor
>Kira is not as good of a villain as everybody says
This is for sure the worst of the first 4 pars.

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We already had this thread Yesterday you fucking brainlet, learn to lurk more.

Kira is a shit degenerate villain.

so jotaro isn't because he's in part 4
once again still more than part 3
Come and try to defend the fight with Alessi or Secco
Welcome to Jojo
Kars is garbage, Dio is juste a muh dream meme and Diavolo has peak gay design

Just finished part 5.
>No one is likeable
>Character development is literally nonexistent
>Episodes with Passione are among the worst (and they are among the worst Jojo characters)
>Too much plot armor
>Diavolo is not as good of a villain as everybody says
This is for sure the worst of the first 5 pars.

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The story kicker was foocking horrible.

All of it started because that fat fuck retard decided pick up a bag that clearly wasn't his.

I'm 8 episodes in and kind of hating it.


How many people finished part 4 this week?

>Part 4 bad

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It seems to be the only part anyone finishes, no less than once a day too.

Josuke's existence character assassinates Joseph Joestar, part 4 is filler when you really stack the deck against it.

Adachi > Kira
Persona 4 > JoJo 4

Isn't this a signature posting at this point?

Persona 4 is unironically part 4 but competent. Part 4 has major issues with tonal whiplash. The part goes from Josuke learning the value of a life and meaning of loss, to a series of pretty light-hearted adventures, to a murder mystery thriller and has a tough time blending those together. Compare that with Persona 4, which is practically the same plot as part 4 but with a much better handle on its tone.

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By any chance does Araki hate dogs? I'm also watching through the series and so far at least three dogs have died. I'm currently watching the second season of Stardust Crusaders, and I've been told that Iggy dies later on.

Japs eat dogs so killing them makes sense.

Araki supposedly loves dogs yet makes villains kill dogs just to make them appear more evil or something

Reminder that part 3 is the worst part bar part 1.

Well, it worked. My least favorite thing about Dio is that he killed Danny, and he hadn't turned into a vampire yet.

Found the sissy

I liked part 2 the most because the protagonist was actually funny. I was kind of hoping old Joseph would have the same personality as his younger self.


Part 3 = Avengers (main plot)
Part 4 - Ant-man (filler)

Joseph was RUINED in part 4.

>3fags are capeshitters
can't say I'm surprised.

Most Marvel superheroes don't even wear capes.

Joseph was the only good protagonist until Jolyne

Jotaro = Superman
DIO = Nuclear Man

Are they ever bringing Ripple back, or is it just going to be Stands from now on?

What a simp.

Part 2 was actually great
Short, but well crafted
Likeable protagonist
Non-shit villains
No "monster of the week" shit, there's only a few extremely intimidating villains
Grounded and moderately low powerlevel fights compared not reliant on hidden stand power asspulls
Absolute kino moments like Caesar vs Wamuu
Add great anime adaptation to all this and you get 100% certified kino

Stands are just ripple with cooler designs desu, let's not pretend Hamon wasn't "do whatever I want".

Part 7 has Spin

>Stands are just ripple
Is that canon? i'm new to the series.

Pretty sure it isn't.

Ripple is some weird ancient Himalayan martial art that requires training to master.

Stands just appear out of thin air and issued without prerequisite.

Ooooh, you're new.
>Is that canon?
Not really, I was more talking about how ripple functions in the story wasn't all too different from stands. There is a moment where it seemed like Araki wanted to make stands an extension of the ripple, but that's pretty much discarded by the end of part 3.

Is Lisa Lisa still alive in Part 3?


Nope she dead.

To be fair, Ripple came out of nowhere and Part 1 went from good to mediocre because of it

k thanks

Before Ripple was introduced, Jonathan was just some ordinary human who fights guys. In a way, that would've been more badass, but it would be very hard to explain murdering a bunch of vampires and zombies that way.