Is Tanya a loli?

Is Tanya a loli?

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Why wouldn't she be one?

Does it matter?
I still want to mating press her while her mind slowly rots into wanting to raise a trad family in accordance with Being X's will.

If I was reincarnated into a girl I wouldn't want to be a flatchested loli after puberty

>If I was reincarnated into a girl I wouldn't want to be a flatchested loli
what are you, gay?

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What a waste

she should have wore a crotchless bikini

Everyday I thank God I'm not a homosexual like you.

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Would you wear this kind of bikini if you were turned into a little girl?
Be honest.

The technical term is loliJJI.

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I would wear it instead of normal clothes. What's the point of being a loli if you're not slutty?

A fake loli (because she's actually a reincarnated salaryman) but still better than other fake lolis like Kanna and Shitnobu.


it's one of them 3000 years old lolis?

that magazine is the best content on exhentai
the absolute best

Depends on the age.
How old is she?


She is, and a delicious one at that. What an adorable old man.

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no she's an old man.

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Why is this old man tempting that young lass?

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the 14 words is why.

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Umm yes

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If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and acts like a duck...

Say something about your General

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Too old.



gimme milkies


Quads confirm, that user is gay

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