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Episode 4 today

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Please watch

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sex with cat

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Why is dumb cat getting bullied on 3/4 preview thumbnails?

How crazy is that?


You're unbelievable!

Yabai desu neeeeeee

What's her endgame?

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When catgirls get pregnant do they give birth in litters?

Ruining your luck.

>Konosuba died for this

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Aquaposters in shambles.

Never ever.

I haven't been keeping up on this but what's the deal, has it got the same staff as konosuba or is it just doing a really good job of imitating its animation style?


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Isn't this illegal? Or did this happen in Canada?

It's diejobu

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>Konosuba died for this

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still haven't been able to find a decent quality video of this. why did they wipe it from the internet?

I want to give her multiple litters.

Konosuba LN is finished. It's never getting more anime adaptations anyway

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This is my mother (wife).

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And that's a bad thing

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thats not a guarantee

Spice and Wolf says hello. It's Kadokawa for fuck's sake so don't expect nice things.

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