One Punch Man

ONE and murata are playing jokes with us, right?

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>filler chapter

but it doesn't have boobs

i love tatsumaki!

>Jokes in OPM
About time we had one again.

Hey don't be like that, Manako-chan is very self conscious about her flat chest.

what killed the hype?


not yet

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>>filler chapter
ONE writes the story

No he writes outline of the story in sketches, at least for the non-filler chapters, and murata can do whatever he wants with it.

>No vagina
>No girl

>No balls and no dick
>Clearly a guy
i want to see what your logic here is

How mamy times must this be stated. ONE explicitly makes the story and Murata is allowed to make suggestions and input which ONE can approve. It's on the damn cover. How are you even able to think and function like this?

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So now we're at the stage where murata does editorialize the manga but its ONE approved
I guess thats improvement enough.

>its an actual monster
>not a soulless generic fapbait 'monster' girl
>therefore it isnt female

How strong is a Wolf-level threat? On average they require 3 C-Classes / 1 B-Class to be taken down, but I'd like something a bit more concrete. Can they tank handgun bullets?

the recent buff for heroes suggest that even tiger can be oneshot by a b class now.

lel what buff? only puripuri got strange new moves

anyone else find it kind of asspullish that glasses was able to fight off garou for a short amount of time?
that would legitimately make him more stronger than some a-class heroes, no?

What asspulling was there to be had in a combined group attack against a seriously injured and tired man, that still failed? Where did you even get asspulling from? Did you even read the story?

So what? Glasses was already B class, it was heavily implied that being part of the blizzard group was stifling his potential, and he had been working his ass off in the meantime since leaving it to improve himself, so him being A class material is not a huge ass pull

At least the coomerbait monsters provide some form of content, the cyclops is just gonna interfere with the Saitama-Flash dynamic

We know, Fubuki

Be honest, would you eat it?

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No, monster cells just give you a one-time boost which also turn you insane.

I'm not retarded enough to eat the power-giving artifact of doom.

On the one hand I could rail monster girls and apparently just decide not to do the "all monsters are pure evil" thing. On the other hand, if monster cells exist then I could hypothetically train and be as strong as Saitama. I'll go with no.

You don't understand, everyone who eats the monster cells falls into the evil part. The only monsters who aren't evil either became monsters through resolve (Sweet Mask, who became an Ugmon and even then has had problems controlling his monster side) and those who were born as monsters (Armored Gorilla, Zombieman, and most likely Manako)

Against a beaten, tired, wounded, and poisoned garou on his last legs? And he still got his ass beat. Asspull my ass

if i ate those i feel like id immediately die or monsterize into something like a sentient jar of piss, kind of like the kool aid man

I probably should've said insane instead of evil, seeing as you have to have evil intentions for them to work anyway. Monsters like the Ninja bros, Choze or DO-S (probably) all stayed relatively sane after eating them. But I still wouldn't