What's your favorite unironically edgy series?

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tokyo ghoul

This one and the other works of Jiro Matsumoto as well

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bro i just read the first chapter, what absolute garbage lmao i love it

Kaifuku jutsushi no yarinaoshi.
Last chapter cured a lesbian.

lose every time

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It’ll always be the one true edge to me.

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Is it a manga about the beta uprising?

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Tbf, Jigoku no alice has edge with self-awareness of it being fucked up. They don't use plain edginess to compensate for writing, pic related.

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Berserk. Edgier than shadow the hedgehog. Has a rape horse and everything

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Jesus christ this looks awful. Thanks for showing me this, I've been looking for more edge.

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DeadTube: so edgy its enjoyable

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You just posted it, absolutely trashy manga but I just can't stop reading.

man what a fucking let down the final fight was, i expected him to fight the whole compound but nooooo all that buildup of his death city wasted on a platoon of kids hunting him down because...the leader wanted to recruit him?

Mahou Shoujo Site

Fuck, that thread when this shit was first posted. Fucking gold.

>the fucking kamen rider plot

>Dungeon Seeker
>Author: Sakamoto 666

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>Jiro Matsumoto
Nah that's not really edgy.

>No edgy yandere harem
Why live

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checked btw

Kuro no maou

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thanks g

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Ah yes, the Goblin Slayer Slayer

MPD Psycho

Accept no substitutes

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Didnt know Fairies could be waifu material even yanderes

The one that has a circus demon king.

Fucking kek, which one of you incels did this?


Yakushoku distopiary?

>video game based skill system

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