Do people actually like Shirou?

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i don't


What's not to love?

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Read the VN.

better than fujimaru

I like HF Shirou

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I like Archer.

Shirou is a good boy and he doesn't afraid of anything

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he's nice

Hes a homo, should have listened to Archer.


I like how he can be a bit of a snarky asshole sometimes. My feelings on him in the anime mostly depend on what show i'm watching. Wasn't that fond of him in UBW, like him quite a bit in Heaven Feel and his one scene in Fate Zero.

If not for him, I wouldn't care for Fate.
The further Fate as a franchise moves away from the core narrative themes of FSN, the less I care about it. And as it is now, it can't be further away.

I like him a lot.
He's one of the more interesting and complex anime heroes.

Best post ITT. Shirou is the best thing about F/SN.

>that part where he's glad Ayako got nearly raped

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Yes. Him and Archer are the only good characters.

if I had a button that would completely erase his existence when pressed, i'd press it twice just to be sure

literally no part of him is complex

>He's one of the more interesting and complex anime heroes.
good one

not an argument


in the universe? Yes because the plot demands it. Based on facts? No

I like his autism

>makes people seethe for over 15 years
godspeed you ginger sword autist

He's Our beloved special sped at this point

Non-Fate route Shirou is okay

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That graph is wrong and fate route shirou is based

Pretty sure the last line is Issei.