Why are Japs so obssesed with European aristocracy...

Why are Japs so obssesed with European aristocracy? Literally every isekai novel feels like a random generic JRPG had a child with Pride and Prejudice.

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I don't know but I like it

Why do you think it's anything to do with Europe? Very few of them are anything like Europe.


Sure. Not European.

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Literally everything in them is exactly like Europe.

The clothing and guilds are all fantastical. They're not actually like Europe at all.

Grass is greener on the other side of the fence. They tend to fantasize europe in general until they go there and see it's full of shitskins and niggers.

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Dragon Quest

Well, a lot of people are interested in the lives of the rich and powerful, whether they are royalty, aristocracy or just plain old billionaires. That isn't limited to the Japanese.
Besides, an "old and powerful clan with enormous influence" trope is pretty common in anime that take place in Japan as well. Not surprising, really, given how Japanese society is in real life (with zaibatsu/keiretsu, eta/burakumin, etc.)

Because to them the WEST is a completely different world.
An isekai environment cannot be anything like modern day japan. You don't have many options if you want to base it off of something. Steam punk but magic instead of steam works but requires a shitton of world building and a level of writing well beyond a hobby novelist. Middle age Europe is an easy mark for writing a different world for japan.

They are based on video games or other isekai and have very little to do with actual Europe.
Pretty much everything is just "le evil corrupt nobles" and how protag beats them up easily.

Japanese history major here: the modernization of Japan in the 1880s-1910s was intentionally based on Germany since they saw their success in uniting a bunch of proto-states into one with industrialization and modernization. More broadly the West as a whole but Germany was one of the biggest influences.

that's why royalty are 9/10 times blah blah von blah in anime

Yes. European fantasy.

Actually on that note it would be pretty damn cool to see an isekai inspired by the sengoku period

Why would steampunk require any level of writing?

Dragon Quest isn't European, no.

>be average Japanese guy
>get isekai'd into Sengoku Japan
>don't carry daisho
>can't speak the complicated Japanese of the aristocracy
>assumed to be a commoner
>get stuck doing menial jobs for the rest of your life
>5 years pass
>you walk down the street
>some samurai walks out of the swordsmith's store with a new sword
>gets a bright idea to test it on some commoner
>sees you


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grass is greener from the other side

why are gaijins so obsessed with anime? same deal

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The entire fantasy genre is obsessed with European aristocracy.

Because they have good taste. Anyone who doesn't like European culture is basically an animal.

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A lot of isekai "authors" think their playthrough of their favorite JRPG would translate to a good story just because they had a good time with it.

There are countless stories about guys time-traveling to the Sengoku. Sometimes to an AU Sengoku. They don't see any need to make it its own separate world most of the time.

Instead of pseudo-Japan, you mostly get time-slips to actual Sengoku era Japan.

They wear cute outfits, have power over masses and don't need to work. Really a mystery why people want to be them.


Most of those series have shit to do with middle ages. They are fantasy renaissance.