Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

Has chapter 31 been scanlated, or is only chapter 30 scanlated?

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I hope Raiden sends Shiva to the loo.

Chapter 31 is done by TLanon yesterday. Chapter 32 is next.

>Chapter 31 is done
You sure?
TLanon did chapter 30, but I didn't see chapter 31 translated

Maybe around today? Was pretty sure we were on chapter 31 and 32.

Who's the guy on the left?

A famous sumo dude

Oh I'm retarded you were asking about left, that's Shiva.

Shiva, the uncucked.

This is Shiva. Who's the guy in the left?

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Whats the point of a god vs humans tournament when the human side looks nothing like a human?

How soon will the chapter be uploaded to mangadex?

The guy on the left is the character named Shiva from the manga series Shuumatsu no Valkyrie.

Makes sense.

I want this guy and nostradamus to lose so Tesla and Simo can win

are the Greeks done jobbing as usual

They should have heros from all periods and countries, like John Henry, El Cid campeador, Pancho Villa, Beowolf, Ali Baba etc.

They already do... they went as far back as Adam and they have Simo and Tesla who fairly recent, you just mad cuz they are only white and Japs

sigh, rosterfags are as bad as adamfags, i swear to god

Holy based
Whites contributed the most to civilization and Japs invented anime, they deserve it

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Start of time to 2002 is not broad enough of a timeframe?

why does he have a fourteen-pack

He's a rikishi

>Whites contributed the most to civilization
If you consider Greeks and Indo-Europeans to be white.

Kek. Is this what Christians felt when they found out that Black King from Drifters could be Jesus Christ?

Yeah, they are...

Well, guess everyone's white then.

Is the guy on the right really supposed to be a sumo guy?

Yeah, but the author wanted to portray him as a badass guy.

Extra arms are useless without extra pecs.

2 Chinese
4 Japanese
1 Greek
1 French
1 Finnish
1 Russian
1 British
1 Croatian
1 Adam

Based roster desu

Why don't you?

Shiva doesn't even have extra arms. The author probably saw the Nataraja pose and completely based him on it.

>implying sumo isn't badass
It's also obvious he'll go fatmode when he gets serious