When was the last time you genuinely enjoyed a show?

Did you get numb from the years of following almost every seasonal show or have you conditioned yourself to only like a series just because it came out before you were born/you watched it as a kid? When was the last time you sat down, watched a series, and said to yourself: "Wow, that was a good anime. I am glad I watched this!".

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Bout six days ago. Probably gonna enjoy a show tomorrow.

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Yesterday. Haven't watched anything yet today.

Today, started watching Season 2 of WAN PAWNCH MAN and I like it a lot. (although that could just be I'm a fan of the concept and like the hero designs and the fact it doesn't take itself seriously).

Fight between Garou and Genos is the highlight for me

Actually, just yesterday I watched Bunny Drop and I thoroughly enjoyed the cute wholesomeness.
In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to read the manga today. Can't wait to see Daikuchi proposing to Koki's mom!

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Ugh. They drop the parody part and essentially try to make it a generic battle manga, with Saitama appearing occasionally to Deus Ex Machina situations away. Not a fan.

amazing show.

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It made all my problems and headaches go away

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golden kamuy i guess. since i just watched it in animax

When I watched Aria few years ago. Nothing else can top the experience.

Following 15 shows a season really does take a lot of the magic away. You start confusing characters for one another because you realise their archetypes and even looks are nearly identical. Not to mention almost all of those shows are mediocre to begin with. There are never more than 2-3 worth keeping up with each season. I don't watch airing anime anymore, I wait till it's finished airing. Last show I truly enjoyed was Youjo Senki, yesterday.

Why would you watch shows that you don't enjoy?

>You start confusing characters
Have you tried not being retarded? I've never had that issue. Unless you count forgetting names, I've always been shit at that.

Watching Kikaider like an hour ago. I didn't expect it to be so dark.

People who watch seasonal anime for the sake of the discussion and all that jazz.

>15 shows a season
cut that shit in half bro

fluffy comfy

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I watched Babylon because I was fascinated by how terrible it was. Though that too is a kind of enjoyment.

>Did you get numb from the years of following almost every seasonal show
no because I don't watch shows that will obviously not interest me.

My point is you start to realise how samey all this is shit is. There's a lot less variety and innovation than you'd like to think.

Yeah, that's a bit disappointing; always felt like that was the difference between OPM and stuff like Hero Academia is that it keeps a bit of humour about itself (e.g. there's a fucking guy wearing a dog costume and he's Top 10)

There's plenty of variety though. You fags act like there are 30 identical isekai shows every season, but there are 3, and plenty of other stuff. Just don't watch things you don't like.
I've been watching Precure weekly for years, and I'm not under any delusion that it's innovative.

Unless you've been genre hopping and only watching the highly rated anime, you pretty much figure that shit out. Watch one of this genre, you've seen almost all of this genre.

I found myself enjoying Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai waay more than I thought I would.
I originally checked it out because one of my favourite VAs was there, and I just kind of fell in love with it.
I still haven't finished S1, I like to spread out the enjoyment a bit, so I hope S2 doesn't disappoint me

other than that, i guess kimetsu but only after rewatching it having read the manga?

Words can not describe how charming is this show. People will read Takehaya's novel by centuries.

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Nobody thinks so, at least I hope not. In its core, anime is bound by the same story structure existed for millenia and it won't change. Sure, there are series with weird direction choices, e.g. using claymation, taiwanese puppets, or straight up live action, shows with different writing styles or themes but that's just the presentation.
Congratulations for making me mad. Here's your (You).

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Rewatching Samurai Champloo last week.

Enjoying the new season of kaguya (don't want to read the manga because I heard it goes to shit), and I enjoyed eizouken before that. Stop consuming garbage


Nah, every season has something nice.
Sometimes even some that become favorites.