Yas Forums refuses to discuss this anime

Yas Forums refuses to discuss this anime.

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Kingdom is mediocre action schlock, tactics and strategy pushed aside for Dynasty Warrior tier depictions of war. The main character is also an obnoxious OP shonen protagonist that has zero depth.

Just like Demon Slayer or Naruto, yet there are dozens of Naruto and Demon Slayer threads everyday.

Well because the actual history behind it is more interesting than the anime or manga.

But there are is virtually zero media about that era. Only some assassin movie from the early 2000s.

Don't give a shit about anime. It waste your time.

> no blood
> no gore
> no flying body part
> literally made for kid

Strict with manga only

> anime kingdom

> be westernfag weeb

> entire series happened in china

> hate Chinese name , prefer cringe nip name

Those weebshit should hang themselves

Have we got to the part where Ying Zheng goes crazy, downs mercury and buries some scholars?

> speedreader

Don't recall it.
Is Xin or Shin the Chinese name?

Li xin is Chinese name

>tactics and strategy pushed aside for Dynasty Warrior tier depictions of war.
You say it like that's a bad thing.


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>liking china
Go away ccp shill

>liking some historical period means you're shilling present day nations

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Anything looks good in comparison to burgerlando.

Ah yes, maybe I'll take a quick trip to Haiti for some of their famous mudpie cuisine, or maybe I'll take a trip to the Congo and sightsee the local Warlord compounds.

But I'm sorry, you were saying America bad compared to anything?

>imagine not liking The Three Kingdoms

Do you hate ruses, shenanigans, and clusterfucks?

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I've grown an allergy towards uninteresting shonen protags.
Really shows how creatively bankrupt the author is before you've even started.

Or you can go to your high school and get shot.

Not American.

Where do you live? The European Caliphate?

> literally made for kid
Not that it's an inherently bad thing.

Because those don't try and pretend to be anything but powerlevel shounen. Kingdom masquerades as a manga about warfare between kingdoms but most just comes down to 1v1 fights about instictual superhumans cleaving horses and humans in half with one swing.

>Don't recall it.
That's the end of his life. After winning the game he got paranoid and started going crazy
All his work unifying China fell apart right after he died and the land was thrown back to war

Coalition arc was the only part worth reading

Commie chinkshit is not anime

>an anime made by japanese people adapting a comic series written and drawn by a japanese (aka manga) is now "commie chinkshit"
Based retard

>shit kiddie shonen shit
absolute state of Yas Forums

Shit, there's an anime adaptation of it?

The voice actors are literally not using chinese names, it should be translated right

You don't actually want to discuss Kingdom, you're just jealous and butthurt because your "hipster" 4th best selling manga isn't getting as many threads

I hate it

I'm literally don't want thread or shit on Yas Forums because we already have discussion Thread in reddit

Also Kingdom fanbase is one of most peaceful and less of annoying/toxicity