Holy shit Anko is super fat now

Holy shit Anko is super fat now

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Didn't she eat a ton of candy when she was younger? Eventually her metabolism was going to crap out, it was inevitable.

They only did it to shit on the Kakashi shippers.

Eating candy doesn't make you fat. Eating fat food does.

Maybe he likes 'em big.

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And super hot

He likes em CHUNKY

Everybody needs to realize, if they haven't already, that Kishimoto has a fat fetish. It's blatantly obvious. It was obvious in Naruto, there were a huge amount of fat girls in the background and even taking front and center in some issues and episodes.

He also said that Anko was his personal member of the cast. So it makes perfect sense he'd make adult Anko suit his tastes.

*He also said that Anko was his personal favorite member of the cast.

Nothing wrong with that

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Man, I love this anime. It feels like home

>this is a real thing that ran with Naruto in Shonen Jump

Yeah, is completely correct, Kishimoto is a chubby chaser. Only somebody with a fat fetish would bother to be that autistic about calorie counts for a fictional character.

I know this because I have that fetish myself and we are all pretty much like this.

The branch should have snapped at the end of the last ep when she was standing on it. I was waiting for comedy gold, but they never delivered.

why doesn't Naruto have more black characters?

Kakashi does seem like a feeder.

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because no one likes niggers.

There's Iwabee. He did better than Sarada at the medical Ninja exam.

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That Anku reminds me of a character from Basilisk.

Chouji did.

Karui is a tanned tomboy.

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Are we ever gonna get another season of Basilisk?

Nah, that's her natural skin color. Their daughter is also dark.

No, we're not allowed to have good things anymore.

God I hate the chinese! They killed anime because they wanted to eat a fucking bat with all the shit covered fur and disease filled organs still on it.

Maybe she threw her daughter into the tanning machine too

The only machine she fell into was the McDonald's milkshake maker.

Kishi gave black weebs Hidden Cloud, its basically Wakanda

that's not how corona happened. fucking educate yourself retard

Explain Samui and her brother then.

God she's perfect