ITT: 10/10 confessions

ITT: 10/10 confessions

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Psuedo Harem is genuinely the fluffiest thing I've ever read

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They should’ve kissed back then.

I still don't get why he does stuff like this. He's so incompetent it's crazy

woah, this is way cooler in manga form

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Ardent pugilist

Blazing Strike

Water kick

>back when SnK was good
dear god what went wrong

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Combustion slam

Burning Jab

Would you user?

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Hot Hi-yah

Incendiary Uppercut

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Hot Fist

Flame strike

I think we both know the answer to that

Poing Ardent

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Pico to Boku

These two are absolutely adorable.

Infernal knuckles

This was probably the most satisfying confession I've ever seen in a manga.

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They decided to stop Eren from securing the existence of his people and a future for Eldian children.