Why is this man so based?

Why is this man so based?

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why is he such an asshole?

Was there ever a point where he wasn't a huge prick or has he always been

based on what?

wtf why didn't he just report miyazaki to hr?

Geniuses have no patience for retards.

he is a hack

oh no no no no

employees aren't friends. they're there to work. if you suck you get the boot.

this only other retards like and feels sorry for them

>weebs with no accomplishments acting like they have the authority to judge

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veterans in the professional space can smell a retard a mile away.
within a day they can spot who will be good and who will be trash
9/10 of workers in all fiends are trash

Speak for yourself retard, I'm a manager at a web design company and Miyazaki is just the typical example of a bitter and neurotic old man who can't manage people and sees everyone below him.

They instantly selfinserted themself since they know how it is to be called a retard first hand

>comparing his lowly self to someone who is recognized by the industry as one of top animation filmmakers

it's called empathy user

retarded fanboys need to die of testicular cancer this brainlet is the prime example.

Miyazaki left his mark on history but no one will care if you died. Stop the delusion. You're not even 5% on his level.

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>implying I have testicles

Link to video?

Well then you likely have no authority either.
Then what makes your judgement of Miyazaki's greatness more valid than his dismissal of it?

Takahata was the genius at Ghibli, Miyazaki is a literal hack rehashing the same themes and stories riding on the back of his early successes while being angry and jealous all the time with everyone younger than him for being creative, something that has abandoned him completely.

Because I lay more pipe than an oil company and my far spread seed will start a overwhelming bloodline that will last over 1000 generations.


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I don't get it.

he is real life Bakugo

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>I'm a manager at a web design company
Lmao the most bottom of the barrel trash, i know it since i worked a bit at one. Sub-par pay full of brainless lazy retards that would not last in another domain 3days.This clearly shows me why you got so triggered, i bet you got your ass booted from actual real jobs for being a incompetent whiny millenial.
Seethe harder son.

Answer me dammit.


rookies are always terrible.
he is strict, not to weed out idiots, but to weed out people who dont have the sufficient level of desire and passion, which is necessary to persevere in something which is difficult. they do the same thing in boot camp. or in fine dining.

it's just a power fantasy



I'm concerned by the amount of people in these threads who don't seem to realize that 90% of the Miyazaki quotes posted in these threads are taken out of context or outright fake. No one outside of Yas Forums considers Miyazaki to be a pretentious asshole, and those here who do think that have their opinion formed entirely by selected screencaps posted on Yas Forums. Not saying anything about Miyazaki one way or another, I don't know the guy myself. Just keep your information in context.

>science and engineering


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