Ingoshima Chapter 93 RAW

In this chapter. FINALLY getting back to the story after several chapters of fanservice. The Fat Kid and the Creeper are revealed to be alive, and currently in the custody of Gamou's Ganguro Girl Lieutenant. Apparently she got them out of the place they were being held capttive, and has her own escape plan or at least a different agenda when compared to Gamou.

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This was actually pretty legit funny. You think it's a girls boobs, but it's really the fat kids moobs.

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Girls got one sick ride.

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Call me when the half-white girl gets raped

That's probably not happening for a few more chapters. Although it's probably coming given the author had her in Shibari Bondage on several of the manga covers.

It's a pretty short chapter. But it's nice to know the guys are alive and (so far) unraped by their captors.

Better be the nastiest SOB ruining her holes

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I'd still hit it.

The author also posted some (censored) photos of postcards of more extreme versions of the covers with the girls completely naked. Look on his twitter.

It's probably going to be Gamou.

Maybe now the plot will finally progress and we can get more actual plot with the plot we really are reading this manga for.

Here's the artists twitter. Happy hunting.


Anyone here moonspeak? Can you tell us what this girl is speaking and why she's betraying Gamou? Or do I have to wait another two weeks for the translation?

this part looks like something out of One Piece.

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How did she get them away from Gamou and the other natives without them noticing? Weren't they being brought into the central compound hung on sticks like pigs in that one chapter?

Why is she helping them? Is she going to make them her personal boytoys the way Gamou has a harem of his own?

Chances are that at least one of the people among the islanders want out whether out of curiosity after life in one place or because they are outsiders who want to return home.

Well they did establish before that some of the islanders probably were normal people before they got raped into submission.

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This old hag probably knew Gamous head wife back when they both first came to the Island.

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And you'd be willing to risk being raped at best and sacrificed to a shark at worse just to leave the Island? Maybe an outsider desires that, but I don't think a native born would. This Ganguro girl however was probably an outsider.

How she didn't get turned into a breeding bag like Akane and Kana almost were is beyond me,

Think they're going to have a flashback explaining how she came to the Island in the first place? Maybe she and Gamous wife were part of the same group when they washed up on the Island

The same reason the other girl Hamilton fucked didn't get turned in to a breeding sow.
We just don't know yet.
They might tell us but probably won't.

Just rape aoi while keita is watching and then rape the marine girl


I assumed she was Gamous daughter.

>How she didn't get turned into a breeding bag like Akane and Kana almost were is beyond me,

Author is probably going to have them go through a pregnancy by rape drama Because that’s the only way it can literally get more messed up.

They fought against one of those giant ogres and won
That's the only way you don't get raped, sacrificed or sharked

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Sure but we know thats mostly the men that do that, the girls just get turned into breeding sows or a fuck toy for the king as far as we know.

she probably had her tubes tied and couldn’t get pregnant like the natives wanted. So she had to earn her keep another way.

Is that a fucking whale skull on his head?

hot bitch

please, aoi needs to be raped by this