Would this show have worked better if it showed her failing her routes and then shown her trying to avoid the failing flags, similar to higurashi?

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This is the AotS, it works fine.

AOTS is Kaguya dude..

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I might be in the minority here but I found the council inside her head to be a bit annoying.
It was cute for the first two times it happened but it happening everytime a flag was potentially overcome or lost kills the flow of the show.

I was thinking of them just showing the routes explicitly for the audience to remember what happened and be invested in the different characters a bit more.

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>similar to higurashi?
I hate that katarina is a mary sue, but asking for guro deaths is a bit extreme, no?

No, that would be Re: Zero and therefore a much worse show.

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nah, bakarina being a fuckin baka and bakaing into a harem is the best possible story for this premise

Very correct user.

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Sienna cameo or riot.

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I want to rob Katarina's used panties.

>that colorscheme
Give her blue hair and she is basically Aqua, just stupid.

This show doesn't use dumb unrealistic hair colors. also brunettes are best.

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Well, no. It's supposed to be a comedy. If she kept dying or getting exiled over and over despite her best efforts, it would just be really fucking sad. Since she's clearly a decent person and not evil like her game counterpart, it would mean that the universe really is conspiring it kill her or exile her for no reason. It would become a story about a girl who's making nothing but earnest efforts continuously getting killed unfairly. How is that even a comedy anymore?

Calm down Mary

Aren't Jeord and Mary bascially thinking about the same thing, but think that it would be easier to achieve in the other persons position?
The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess.

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>showed her failing her routes and then shown her trying to avoid the failing flags
No, like you said it's been done before with Higurashi. We are expected to know how a typical otome game is supposed to work and how she is subverting it which is fun to see.

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>some pedantic user calling out the series for having raccoon because raccoon isn't native to europe.
Glad to see they have the same pedantic anonymous behaviour as here.

Nip Bakarina is more attractive than otome Bakarina.

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> More than half of the anons in these threads haven't played a real otome game before or after watching Bakarina.
This is an outrage.

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You say a lot of wrong things.

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