Concept artist doesn't even know how arms work

>concept artist doesn't even know how arms work
No wonder the anime flopped

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Literally nobody knows how arms work. If you ask a medical expert how arms work he'll try to feed you shit about muscles and ligaments and electric signals, but if you go "So then why do 2D arms still work without any of those?" he'll be stumped.

what a cute

Arms are ok, she has no abdomen.

Basketball players have arms that long

That's not concept art you amateur

No, look at the third figure and try to strike that pose. Pay attention to orientation of your hand.

I don't get it

Papika's arm is all fucked up. The way she's grasping her arm in impossible. Either the thumb should be on the bottom or entire hand should face in the other direction to grasp the arm from the front.

I just assumed the finger on the top was her pinky drawn slightly weird

I'm sure that Takashi Kojima knows how arms work, he's a very skilled animator, but everybody makes mistakes. It's odd that it'd be on a model sheet of all places, but it's not a big deal.

This show really needed 2-3 more episodes to be perfect.

I can do it but it kinda hurts

I don't get it. I can do it fine.

Never mind.

But Papi isn't a normal human, she's a feral creature, we don't fully understand how her ligament and bone structure work.

Fuck, she has 2 left arms

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On one hand, I'm happy this anime is still getting threads, but my god we can surely do better than this.

Weird thing to fish for (You)s with.

are you an obese american? that's an easy pose

This anime was trash and as such it only deserves trash threads.

>Pay attention to orientation of your hand.

Why were some of the characters in this show so similar to DiTF?

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I'm still confused because I can do it just fine, thumb up and everything

Show us your weird backwards hand, user.

Are you covering the FRONT of your left arm, or the BACK?

Wait never mind, now I get what you mean. My hand was twisted in the wrong way

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Ever since Eva invented blue colored short haired girls they literally look all the same.

So why then this character is so similar to blue alien loli from franxx?

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3hz is just a satellite studio of trigger so they reused a lot of the same art and artists I guess.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who can do that.