>Can't really read or write
>Meet a kind onee-san
>She tricks you into becoming her slave
Why does he look destroyed? It's a blessing.

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She was evil in that version.

>not just covering her mouth right then and raping her to death

Makes me wonder if she used him as her personal /ss/ toy in the original life.

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Why does a royalty have a stripper name?

>new Mia-sama half chapter
Translation where?

In your heart!

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>Kid tries to threaten her
>What a cheeky little boy! Back in the dungeon soldiers threatened me with rape three times a day, this is nothing!

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Remove this stupid bitch.

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Sasuga Mia-sama!

I'm not seeing a problem here.

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I'm working on it.

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Good hardworking user!

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A man in a desert does not see the plight of the drowned

I love her pretty little neck

Mia keeps looking like a handsome shota

It's her hair.

Somebody save her please.

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Huh, I'm pretty sure the LN described the first prince as being a very beefy dude

That makes it easier for Mia-sama to groom the shotas

The best part of the series. Ah if only Mia-sama has a penis.

>demon lord wants to be a commoner

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Can otome princes stop being fucking trash for once.

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why is that gook singing a James Ingram (RIP) song

Haha oh no that sucks

>These tiny scans
Why are groups like this

>Sad eyes struck again
It's a good thing that the Duke is being such a dork though.

I prefer her liver and kidney

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And alphapolis raws are easy to get at a higher resolution.

Cute autism.

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I'm waiting for the day that the duke decides that in order to show his kindhearted side he adopts a tiger

The next couple of chapters are fucking hilarious with Val meeting Serenia and nearly having a nervous breakdown.

>even Mia-sama's real world followers are hardworking

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All men are trash that's why everything should be yuri desu.

It's her school uniform. Just wait until the ball, where she puts on a seductive dress.

It's kinda cute but I still wanted her with Jeremy.

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