What are these things?

What are these things?

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Birth control

Yeah, I think is those pills women take.

witches probably already have some spell or potion that keeps them from getting pregnant or that can erase pregnancies

Fetus Erasus

Fetus Deletus*

Yeah, that's the one

>cup men

Shhh Genki retard is sleeping. if you wake her thing will get loud and insane

she's sleeping
quick,change her medication with candy

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Dry cracker

Blast from the past, used to love those as a kid. Do they still even make those?


how old are you creepo?

Nice, good to hear.
How young are you, underage b&?

They re-released it as a shitty phone VR thing a couple years ago.

Doesn't look like they make the classic version anymore, but apparently there's a mobile VR version as well. Mattel and MGM are making a movie about the classic toy, though.

Nigger I had one and I'm 21

Either bearings or break rotors.

Sad to hear about it turned into VR shovelware. I could see where a movie could go with it but I won't hold my breath on it, if corona didn't kill it.

step aside, small fry. superior toy coming through.

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Akko is too retarded and can't trust herself to do the spell right, that's why she keeps the pills handy.

Can't believe no one else knows this—they're a M&M-like dagashi that comes in these circular blister packs you see everywhere in Japan. They are an absolute pain because after you pop the first couple out the whole thing starts to bend and it's impossible to extract the others. There are only like a dozen candies in there total, too. Of course, they only cost 30 yen and the challenge probably appeals to the kids.

Can't find a picture of the classic design at the moment since I have no idea what they're called (the packaging doesn't even have a logo, usually just a price tag), but here's a weirdly-shaped one for reference.

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Man I had a couple of these with dinosaur pictures in them as a kid. Great nostalgia

Scratch that, found a pic immediately after I posted. Apparently they're called "Wanage Choco" ("wanage" being a ring-tossing game).

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Why would we know? Everyone on Yas Forums is from Brasil

Brasil has the largest Japanese community outside of Asia.

i used to eat it all the time when i was a kid
it tastes like shit
koara no machi >>

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¿Honto ni? Sasuga Brasil

Fucking weeb.

Is no one horrified that she left two full quarts of milk out on the living room floor

Based informative user

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Honestly more familiar with them in this form

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Those are likely empty like the Coke bottle on the other side.

I swear I've eaten something similar as a kid.