Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi

If this one of those highly underated mangas out there? It seems similar to parallel paradise

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It's edgy shit that peddles not-plot relevant rape and has an unlikable main character that was written to be likeable by literally making everyone that isn't him a religious rapist murderer psychopath who revels in mass genocide

It's trashy edgy garbage and that's why it's so enjoyable to read. Can't wait for the anime.

Nailed it right here.

Pretty much this. I love the edginess, one of the best I ever read

Man I expected more from /our guy/ he was too soft against Blade after all the bullshit she did disappointing I hope he goes all out next time and completely destroys the homo

>he killed best girl
This faggot deserved to get blacked for eternity.

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arent they just going to censor everything in the anime?

It's trash bro but because it's the trash that I'm into, I read it

Based. I watch it because crazy bitches gives me a boner.

Does smug girl gets raped?

I dislike the mind rape. Them not being cognizant of their fate really robs the whole revenge fantasy of it's perennial revenge. Not enough suffering when they're happily mind fucked.

apparently she get mind broken then thinking the MC is her big brother

anyone who read the novel, does it just repeat the same thing? Main character being OP and building a harem with no really plotline?

He plans to unmindrape them just so their head will fucking explode after realizing who they actually are their reletionship with Kearuga actually was. Apparently he'll also feed them previous world memories to increase the pain.
But for now having 2 royal family members by his side is just too useful.

I have no idea how the adaptation is supposed to work. Censor everything and wait for BDs?

Long story short it leads to the MC fighting an army of immortals under the control of an immortal king, cannon hero was made immortal by the king but instead of being a mindless servant he found a way to retain his sanity, after that he's the next major antagonist.

does the main character end up mind breaking the antagonist then raping them like usual?

The main antagonists are mainly men from now on, some minor characters get raped but that's it.


>not-plot relevant rape
Lolwut? Rape IS the plot here.
>unlikable main character that was written to be likeable
Keyaru was never written to be a good guy; not every character has to be a self-insert, you know.

how big does his harem get? he has 4 girls, then 5 later on

>how big does his harem get?
Pretty much everyone in this image.

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Flare, Setsuna, Kureha, Norn, Eve and later a fox girl named Gurren.

do the girls actually get development? they are basically carboard cutouts at this point in the manga

Eve goes through a character arc but don't expect too much out of the rest.

"underated manga"

That means "manga I want to read but I am EOP" right? because that manga is pretty popular in Okinawa.

Lol, what kinda manga do you think this is? Anyway, demon girl probably gets the most development. Besides her, Norn and Flare get a little development when they are villains, but not so much after they are brainwashed. The rest of them are basically just walking tropes.

Oops, meant this for

>It seems similar to parallel paradise
Now, it's entertaining edgy trash but please do not dare compare it to the absolute masterpiece that is Parallel Paradise.
Youta doesn't just rape and brainwash girls for revenge or to gain loyal cumslaves like that healer guy: he only "drugs" the girls accidentally or by necessity and he only rapes to save lives, whether the girl likes it or not (and she WILL like it, whether she likes it or not).
Also, if he's the one getting raped and abused by his victims (or by some rando) he doesn't just start whining while plotting his petty revenge like a mindbroken child, but instead he wisely accepts the natural consequences of his actions like a grown up man treasuring the unique bonds that the experience is creating.
Keyaru keeps clinging to his thirst for revenge, Youta instead grows as a person through the story going from arrogant teen to true hero.
Youta is basically a paragon of virtue, a shining beacon of eroism.

Half-jokes aside, the only thing that makes them similar is that they're both borderline-hentai battle harems in a fantasy setting.

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The main character in Kaifuku Jutsushi will beat the main character in parellel paradise though if they went on a 1v1 battle

I like it but it made me hate ahegao.
Like holy shit, stop making Jim Carrey faces for a second.

That's true, but maybe he can balance somehow by the sheer numbers if it went harem vs harem, although I still doubt it.
>jim Carray faces
Holy shit. Thank you, now you've ruined them for me too.