Who is the best loli in anime Yas Forums?

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Lolis suck

Worst post in the board right now

The good ones do.

I love her! She's cute!

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The best loli is obviously you're waifu

Blessed poast


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this one is not for fucking

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When we all turn 30

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Sucking is fine, as long as they don't spiit

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Not a loli, stop shitposting.

Do legal lolis count?

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my lesbian wife Takamachi Nanoha

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Go back and study your loli again

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do i need to play the vn to understand why she says nipagh?

>legal lolis
Fantasy created by cowards who fear the law.
Hell, oppai loli (as much as I despise it) is closer to reality than legal loli.

I am.

Cowards do use it like that.
However I think most cultured lolicons will agree with me, that legal reprisals don't inform any taste.
It's the juxtaposition of an adult personality be it haughty or mature or cruel, with the body and demeanor of a loli. The age is an excuse for the personality, not the legality.

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What if I just love all lolis. Child, legal, even oppai?

then you are a truly cunnysseur

A true lolicon only accepts lolis who have the right age, body, and personality. Anything older than 12 or any breasts larger than mosquito bites is for posers.

Either Sakura or Chino

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Stop posting filthy older women.

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that art style is familiar

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Only someone as cute and beautiful as Nanoha could pull off being the best loli AND the best milf all rolled into one character. She's that great.

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