Will we guess the colors for the new characters right this time?

Last time only Gamo was guessed wrong.

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I’m still waiting for the anime adaptation.
If Uzaki-Chan can get one, she needs one too.

Beyond supporting Nanashi; I'm not in much of a rush.

Manga is selling well enough already.

Naga is currently studying.

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Prez is for me


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Late night Naga thread. T-10 hours before the chapter is posted.

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>College aged Nagatoro

The sooner you accept this inevitability, the better.

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Gamo-san is a miracle of the universe.

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What happened to her nose?

The Jews


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Gender reversal chapter when?

Wouldn't it just be a shoujo manga then?

Around the same time Nagatoro's brother shows up.

too nice

Gotcha covered

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That is the most autistic, out of character dialogue I've seen in a long time. Imagine saving this image and liking it enough to post it somewhere else.

God, the Yas Forums members of Yas Forums would fucking freak if this was the default version.

Thread upon thread of how "this is the downfall of Japanese society".

That's literally the point.

Liberals become conservative with life experience.

Sado-deres become dere-deres with life experience.


It's simple math, user.

But user, even the artist agrees...

>An abomination of science, the opposite of Nagatoro...

Remember that time they lost their minds over that one black guy in MHA?

>Muscle prez
>Delincuent Gamo
>bishonen Yoshi
>Beach dweller Sakura
how can manlet toro even compete.

Not quite as soon.

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>Naga has BBC
>How can any of the others compete?

Que 20+ "You"s.

Now, remember anons.

No provoking STALKER, lest he punish us during the (cum)dumping.

STALKER's dump threads are what I look forward to right now being stuck at home.

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Is Sakura the slit-mouth woman?

No, she's just mastered the art of eating while smugging.