If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student

Before you point out my obvious degeneracy user, what do you think of the story so far?

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It's been awhile since I checked this, but I remember that her husband was very stupid.

Looks cute, hopefully I won't fap.

so what's the catch? is she forgetting about her life before she transformed? is she not allowed to spend time around her family?

Sex life improves.

From what I remember, her new mother isn't great and makes things difficult.

I don't understand how at any point "moving on" was treated like a reasonable option. The fact that she was reborn is basically nothing more than semantics, the simple fact is that she is now alive again, with all the experiences she had intact, no functionally different than if they were separated by one of them getting stranded on an island or something

It is heart warming in the beginning.
I am not sure I like where it is going right now.

This is what I hate about manga. Everytime there's an unique setup that catches my attention, the authors get pussyshit scared to do an unique story and fall back these same. old. repeated. cliches.

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If you're not a degenerate you don't belong on the site.
Ideally he marries his wife again and gives their daughter a sibling or three sooner than later.

If the wife is technically still out there and remembers the marriage does it still count as "until death do us part"?
I mean, he can wait a few years and boom, JK pussy every day.

Thats what he plans to do

I prefer this one.

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Wasn't her daughter suggesting she doesn't have to remarry him?

it very much succeeded

It even has the best cockroach loli in any anime and manga.

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as much as I want to say you will, you probably won't.

being openly honest to his feelings to the point of stupidity, so yes.

>so what's the catch?
wife died, got reincarnated into a loli, they both want to get back together, but social moralities forbids.
>is she forgetting about her life before she transformed?
she keeps ALL her memories.
>is she not allowed to spend time around her family?
she does, but only during times she can, without letting her current parents find out.

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cut, might fap

should've been a oneshot

If they both had reincarnated like that maybe it could have been even more interesting.

It's barely in the plot. Right now, it's the question of whether her husband should remarry to a lovely OL that they know, since she is dead and now a young girl, when he's still in love with his wife, and in bliss at her return. And there's the story about their daughter making it through life and finally finding friends and romance. It really is an unpredictable plot for now. Maybe she'll simply make it to 18 and they'll marry. Or maybe she needs to walk away.

Tell that to the police

A non-issue. Dude's been without sex for a decade now, what's a few more years? And with that out of the way, they do nothing illegal and there's no reason for the police to get involved

>Before you point out my obvious degeneracy
you shouldn't feel ashamed about being a lolicon, this is Yas Forums not Yas Forumseddit

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Since he never got a divorce and she's alive again, I'd say the marriage is back in effect. Time for them to reconsummate the legal marriage.

>you are not living your life to the fullest because you have no boyfriend
It’s either irredeemable propaganda by Abe or normalfag’s first “weird” manga

very idiotic premise. pedophiles are fuck in the head

Is it me or chapter twelve is foreshadowing that they'll end up not being together in the end?


OL and shots are too perfect. I mean is like the author is trying to take the safe route.
But the ending doesn't matter, the suffering will win in the end.

I've actually felt like this in a few chapters already, I really want them to get back together, but I also want to support qt OL mama.

And I fucking swear that if Bestfriend rides on the Keisukebowl gonna drop this series like snoop dogg would.