Why didn't Obito just revive Rin?

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it would be reviving her into an impure world where people die senselessly for other people that will never know their sacrifice
the rin he desired was in the eternal tsukuyomi, where nothing bad can ever happen and anyone you desire becomes manifest
thats why he still considered kakashi his best friend despite trying to constantly kill him, because kakashi was a resident of the impure world and would eventually suffer a terrible death for someone else, while kakashi could live eternally in his tsukuyomi dream, at peace and without danger

Because he's an Uchiha and they have brain problems.

>Start a war because my waifu died and become a psychopathic hypocrite
>Just revive my waifu and leave everybody alone
Uchiha, Gentlemen.

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Because that would make sense. Also I assume Madara mindraped him a bit.

Why the fuck did he follow anything Madara told him to do once he was already dead? He could have literally just waited for Madara to die and then go back to the village and inform everyone what happened.

>lmao just revive her bruh
the reading comprehension of narutards.
to be fair he probably didn't think about it but even if he did, the problem was not that she died, the problem was why she died, the entire ninja world was rotten to its core.
every single village was filled with cold blooded murders, every memeber of akatsuki was there because the ninja world pushed them there.
obito was there because (even if it was madara plan) rin died because she was kidnapped and used as a host for the 3 tails and was going to be used to attack the village.
pain, nagato and konan were there because of the war between villages.
itachi was there because sarutobi is a useless piece of shit.
and so on and so forth, even if he brought her back to life the ninja world was still going to cause pain and destruction to everybody, they were just lucky to ind a common enemy and that there are 2 literal gods that can destroy the world if they don't behave, but even then as soon as naruto and sasuke die, the war between all the nations will continue as if it never stopped, that's how the ninja world is.

How did Obito be as strong as Kakashi?

hashirama cells, in fact how the fuck was kakashi as strong as him? who at 15 was strong enough to fight the 4th hokage thanks to the magic cells

he still a hypocrite

At some point, Naruto characters start being just as strong as the plot needs them to be. No sound or rhyme.
Remember the first time Naruto unlocked the golden Kyubi Mode on the island? How he moved so fast it appeared as if he teleported and got stuck on some rock and was compared to the 4th Hokage, and later beat the Thunder Mode Raikage?
Well that doesn't matter. Kakashi, Guy and Naruto Kyubi Mode trade blows with Tobi just like equals.
Kyubi Mode Naruto as well does some CQC against Itachi who has no reason to keep up against the guy who can throw Rhinos into the sky.

Kill yourself, narutard.

Kishimoto ruined Kakashi's one and only victory in 600 chapters by having Obito say he "let him" stab him. Personally, I choose to ignore that.


Kakashi is a failure, is thematic, faggot

Didn’t Obito said that he wanted the reincarnation jutsu for himself after Nagato died? He never originally intended to revive Madara so only Rin was left for him.

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Obito didn't know the resurrection jutsu, Kabuto had to be the one to bring her back. Of course, supposedly Madara knew the technique, which is how he was able to avoid his summon being undone when Kabuto is defeated. Which is funny because Madara could have taught Obito then just got resurrected immediately after dying and not having to do any of the convoluted bullshit such as implanting eyes into Nagato, or have Obito pretend to be a retard to be part of Akatsuki but not be a member, until later when Diedara dies so then he wants to be a member for some reason, even though Nagato was the leader of the organization and took orders from him so there was not really a reason to try to become an actual member. It's a good thing Madara knew the forbidden jutsu developed by the second Hokage, and it's a good thing that Orochimaru learned it some how to summon the second Hokage, who then wasn't able to do anything when summoned by the technique that he himself created.

>Madara could have taught Obito then just got resurrected immediately after dying and not having to do any of the convoluted bullshit such as implanting eyes into Nagato
Pretty much this. The series would be over before it begins with Madara and Obito capturing and sealing the Bijuu within a few months. Obito would have likely been young and naive enough to not betray Madara.
But even if Obito doesnt revive Madara he doesnt need the akatsuki as he can just capture all the Bijuu by himself and sealing them into the statue is not a problem for him as he doesnt need to eat.

I like the jokes as much as everyone else, but let's not shit on the name of the 2nd Hokage as some bigoted racist who offed the Uchihas. Let's not make the man out to be Hitler here. If anything he's the opposite of a racist.

The man fought against the Uchiha. His father and clan outright hated them. But he didn't get in the way of Uchiha-Senjews forming the leaf. Also didn't hold any lingering hate for the Uchihas who killed his own family even after Madara later betrayed his own brother and tried to harm the village.

He took time to study and understand them as people. Understood their love and edginess was part of their biological nature and accepted their strengths and faults. As Hokage, he could have took them out or discriminated against them like what happened under the 3rd. It wouldn't be surprising given his personal history and Black Zetsu manipulating them behind the scenes. Yet no such things happened under Tobirama's reign. He tried his best to make them useful and part of the village. Logically assigning them to jobs they could excel at, trusting them with police authority, and even gave them prime lands to live in. He even took in an Uchiha as his pupil, raised him right, and died protecting him. That is not the action of a RACIST.

Black Zetsu and Madara were manipulating war between Uchiha and Senju, but there was no war between them during that time. Only wars against other nations. It was one of the few times in history WITHOUT between Uchiha and Senju.


>Uchiha revolts under the 2nd: No
>Uchihacaust deaths during 2nd's reign: 0
>Uchiha revolts under the 3rd: Yes
>Uchihacaust deaths during 3rd's reign: All (except 2)
He didn't hate them nor did he fetishize them like Orochimaru/Danzo did either.
If anyone is NOT racist.
It's Tobirama.

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>Didn’t Obito said that he wanted the reincarnation jutsu for himself after Nagato died?
It was probably him larping as Madara again for no reason unless he wanted Nagato to revive Rin which Nagato wouldnt do either way.

This. Tobirama is objectively the best kage in the verse.

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He literally prevented them from having any ruling power over the village, then shunted them to the outer margins of town, so he could slaughter them all cleanly if it seemed like they were getting rebellious.

He was getting cunny if he follows his orders

woah woah woah, are you telling me Obito was actually the good guy all along? WTF

>He literally prevented them from having any ruling power over the village
>speeding this hard
It's like you only look at the pictures....

It's because, believe it or not, Obito didn't just join Madara because Rin was dead. He agreed with the principle behind it.

No, that's not how it works. Ordinarily, Madara would have been revived as an old man on the brink of death, since he died as an old man on the brink of death. Reviving him immediately would do him no good, he'd just die again.

The reason Madara was revived as a young man is because Kabuto heavily altered his body using Hashirama's cells beforehand.

Why don't Babies just stand up doing their taxes and chugging beer the moment their born?

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>but let's not shit on the name of the 2nd Hokage as some bigoted racist who offed the Uchihas
Fuck you Jewchihas are shit and Tobirama was right to despise them

>Hitler bad
He was a good man who tried to free the people from the (((banks))) and the holohoax is just that, a hoax.