About to finally watch this

What should I expect?

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Watch anything else.

It plays incredibly safe, very little actual stakes involved since 99% of the characters are never in any danger of death. MC is fucking annoying at the start and still kind of is but better now. Female characters are useless.

It starts out okay, then after season 3 nothing happens, it’s all boring as fuck

And really not all of season 3 is great, it peaks like half way through

It's the best battle shonen we got in the last years

Any recommendations?

If you like soft shonen like FMAB you'll probably like it, though its not quite as cohesive as FMAB.

Wasted potential.

Boku no Pico

Anything by Togashi, the first half of Naruto, Shaman King (the manga), and One Piece if you can tolerate jap humor

Dissappointment except for All Might's scenes

Gatchaman Crowds

Kimetsu no Yaiba is literally the other modern shonen you can watch, and it kicks MHA's butt so hard it's not even funny.
If you have that itch to watch a battle shonen like Hero Academia, skip it and watch Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba. Everything you expected from MHA will be there.

If you want porn, gay or straight, then great, that’s all this anime is good for

Fun times ahead. Anime skips some bits, but shows parts the manga skips so do both if you want it all.

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How can you like KnY but not MHA? They have the same problems just like most shonens out there

Because tanjiro isn’t a cuck

It's pretty good.

It's not that I outright dislike MHA, but the wasted potential made me hateful. It's the anime I talk about the most on these threads and social media, sure... in the same way I criticized Naruto and Bleach back in the day and discussed all the ways the author could have made a better story. I follow it, but my heart is already tainted by spite.
Kimetsu doesn't cause me that at all. I just finished the anime and I'm like
>Yeah, this is good.
instead of sperging out and writing how Fujimoto wasted X or Y opportunities and dissappointed me, nah that doesn't happen. The action delivers, the characters are fun, and the story is going somewhere what-with having to defeat the evil organization of 12 Moon Demons and Muzan. And the Pillars feel like actual badasses reminiscent of the Bleach Captains.

KnY might have problems but I don't care about looking for them, the cool atmosphere hides them. Meanwhile the superhero atmosphere in BNHA just reminds me of how the story isn't up to my standards.

>get Bones to animate your show
>the majority of it is boring characters standing around and talking, and the animation doesn't even get remotely close to the studio's other works when fights do happen
>this drivel gets 4+ seasons
>better shows are lucky to get a single 12-26 episode season

>Female characters are useless.
Mirko broke the curse

What this user said, except for the whole kill-a-demon-listen-to-their-dramatic-backstory schtick, and everything about fucking Zenitsu.
Such a shit character holy fuck.

Oh yes, I'm with you. After 2 episode of Zenitsu I instantly googled
>Does Zenitsu get less annoying?
And the dramatic backstory after killing a demon is OK in little doses, but Rui really didn't need to have a flashback dedicated to him. He's a petty asshole who wants a family, it's ok to leave it at that.

Thankfully the tragic backstories for demons are cut to a minimum after that, but it does fit the theme of Muzan manipulating people at their lowest

A piece of shit

Didn’t she just recently need to get saved while everyone else got to do something cool?

It really gets noticeable how bad the backgrounds are a lot of the time, things get oddly textured


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It's good to know it gets downplayed later in the story. I still consider it a nitpick on my part, though. The plot and characters overall are really enjoyable.

Rave master in capeshit setting with protagonist substituted with ultimate whining machine

That worst, the TS prove it

Are you into yaoi and NTR?
If so, you will love this series.