I want a cute tomboy to sleep on my bed

I want a cute tomboy to sleep on my bed.

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Think crabbing

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Think thighs

Save lives

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What are tomboys for?

This show confused me. The story was so pure yet the visuals were so lewd.


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Why is she the only one allowed to not use a normal backbag?

What makes you think she's allowed to? Kids break rules all the time.

Because there's no repercussion for it.

She's the cutest.

I need to impregnate all the Thighuras

Tomboys need to be sent involuntarily to a special school where they learn how to be feminine.

Aiura was fun, I still hope in the future if the VAs don't die we will get more.

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I want to commit a crime

imagine the smell

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Daddy was dissapointed in you for spending your days arguing about anime girls rather than playing football with the Chads.

She's too dumb, a lost cause.

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No doujin of her and Kanakana's little bro.

For years before watching the show, I thought she was buying a soda from a vending machine which then inexplicably ejected a pillow.

No anime has ever come close to the level of perfection Aiura achieved regarding the 2D portrayal of thighs.

My god, you are even dumber than her.

Aiura as a full length show would have been a GOAT

But not in mine

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It being short is what makes it special.

No user, I want MORE.

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A damn shame that Kanaka's VA never made it big, I really liked her voice despite the criticisms of it being raspy and unpleasant.