Mari Okada Movie Postponed

Mari Okada x Studio Colorido's original movie "Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu" originally scheduled to open on June 5th, has been postponed

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The world is spared her degeneracy just a little longer. Thank you God.

Good. Mari Okada sucks.

Jesus, not this too.

I'll watch it since I liked maquia.
Was aku no hana good?

Not Pictured: The Okada self-insert black haired glasses lesbian who is the worst and most annoying character

There's actually much more anime postponement announcements just this day alone. But I don't want to make anymore threads than this one, I figured I pick the most important. You can look them up with Google.

The manga was bretty gud. I thought the anime was decent as well, but I'll admit I only picked it up because of all the asspain it caused when it was airing.

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>Getting Mari Okada
>Working on Burn the Witch
Damn, studio Colorido does have some good future to say the least.


This is the only one movie i looking forward to this year.

Btw,they already released the OST couple days ago, it's performed by Yorushika

Some scene on movie also pararel to Night Journey MV ( see pic related )

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Isn't the director of this movie is same person who made aria?

I meant the live action by her.

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Miracle in disguise.

God, i wish that was me...

It's decent i think
OST by regal lily tho ..


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>He doesn't enjoy Mari Okada's wild rides

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Holy cringe. I got second-hand embarrassment for the user that posts something like this.

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Yas Forums likes worse shit, so who cares? (translations for pic related when?)

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Oh no, that sucks

thank god

How does she keep getting work?

I enjoyed Hanasaku Iroha

The main reason is probably that she can shit out script extremely fast, multiple series and movies every year. And I guess producers keep hoping for another Anohana tier hit despite almost all of her works being flops.

She tells executives the sob of how her mom wanted to kill her

>How does the best writer in the whole industry keep getting word?
A real mystery, eh?

I can hardly think of a worse writer than Mari Okada. Maybe that guy who wrote the second half of Flip Flappers and Blackfox, but he's a nobody.

How about the guy who wrote Rebellion?

How did that anime about the mc wanting to fuck her sister's boyfriend's younger self turned out?

Shame, I was looking forward to this

Looks great, looking forward to this