What would happen if you tried to rape the NPCs in SAO? Are they protected by the ethics code too?

What would happen if you tried to rape the NPCs in SAO? Are they protected by the ethics code too?

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install sexlab

Unless your headset scanned you naked with a hard-on..... You don't have the tools needed.

They canonically have the tools

Something was mentioned about a sexual harassment blocker that would physically prevent you from doing that I think.

and dropped.

>he doesnt know about the glooping scene

the question is whether that protects the NPCs too.

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Just do it in the Underworld instead



Yes, the Harassment applies to NPCs as well, its also stricter because a player might be persuaded not to file a report but an NPC you get too gropy with will always teleport you to jail

what about consensual sex with NPCs?

Doesn't exist (as far as anyone knows). Maybe abnormal NPCs could have been led to that since Cardinal loved going off the rails on quests whenever it could, but there is no canonical record of it actually happening.

Could that look in his eyes be saying "I wish Eugeo was here" any harder?

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>tfw delicious brown elf NPCs insists on taking baths with you completely nude without swimsuits or anything
It's not fair, this is literally baiting you to jail.

Thats for other players, no idea if it aplies to npcs

Surely in that world there are VR sex games?

At that point Kizmel would probably have let him do it, if only because she was so far of the script of how the Elf War was supposed to happen by then. Its just that Asuna would literally have murdered him if he did that.

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> Fuck a dark elf
Totally worth it

Holy SHIT the Underworld opens up so many problems. Like, you could look like anything you want in the Underworld. You could go into the Underworld as Chaddicus Maximus, meet a girl, have three beautiful children with her, then die peacefully with your family at your bedside IN AN AFTERNOON.

That shit is just ripe for abuse. Forget your real life, that's the end of human civilization right there.

>Forget your real life, that's the end of human civilization right there.

That's why we will bury all knowledge of it and only use it to let middle schoolers play fighting games

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Is Kawahara a cuck?

>only writes stories where the OTP is established in the first volume and the girl never even thinks of other guys while the boy ignores all the bitches throwing themselves at him

He's literally the exact opposite

Talking about the rape

it would be a glorious end

Oberon was the only one who threatened Asuna, and he got fucked up before he could do anything. Everything else happened to characters that are not part of the OTP. So no

Plus from Quinella we know that human fluctlights have finite memory storage. Do it too many times and you'll literally forget your real life and wake up as a character reverse isekai'd into your shitty gamer body.

It does. There is a scene in the MEs where Kirito gets smacked by it for trying to play with a NPC child.

should I watch SAO? been bored lately, want something new to watch, haven't really caught up with anime in the last decade besides a very small few. also been playing Fatal Bullet and I really like it so far, though I don't know anything about the characters. is it really as bad as I've heard it is? this thread makes it sound like it's alright.

The hate is overblown as fuck, it's pretty much a meme. I'd just give it a shot and watch a few episodes if I were you.

You probably can, but world building and character development of sao outside of eugeo is so god damn dog shit and nonexistent you will never know for certain or not.

the first season is ok, the second and third are dog shit imo, but Gun Gale Online Alternative was fantastic and somehow the writer pulled himself out of some of his shit habits to make aliceisations first season really good.

The fuck?

The bad guy in season 2 hacks his way around it.

you can disagree, and you will because fanboys always do. but the writer for sao is a big fucking mary sue/marty stu faggot and only broke this in the first arc of aliceisation

user. Alicization *is* the third season. Are you talking about Phantom Bullet? And that arc is fucking good.

>I haven't read the LNs: The Post

> marty stu
That one is new.
But how is Kirito ever a gary stu even prior to S3? He needs help in every major fight and suffers from PTSD/Survivor's guilt.


everything before aliceisation was shit. following sinons faggot ass around while she crys about using guns while she uses guns was the dumbest bullshit i've ever watched, fuck off retard.
stupid as fucking shit. miyazaki was right, manga writers can't write a good story anymore because they have no reality to base their story off of because they are all otaku fucking worthless shutins

>needs help in every major fight
>except when his magic asspull powers kick in and he does some ebin cool black coat faggot super cool combo move every single fucking fight he "has his back against a wall". Yeah a wall of asspulls and shit writing.

Why would I need to be scanned naked with a hard-on to walk Asuna home gently and give her a bowl of eggs to eat in the morning?

P.S. Yuuki a best.

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Oh. So you're trolling. Thanks for letting us know.

fuck off retard, you have never actually met someone with real ptsd and neither has this dog shit writer.

The only gun they ever show Shinon not being able to handle in real life is the replica of the exact gun that caused her trauma in the first place, which she hasn't ever used in the game.
If you're going to complain, how about you complain about things that actually happened instead of your own retarded headcannon?

>one gun is different from another gun
speedwatching, or moving the goalpost to fit your shit argument doesn't work on me faggot.

What are you even talking about? That literally doesn't happen.