Is this Anime good?

Is this Anime good?

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Dunno but the manga was decent enough so I guess so. It's Ninja Scroll meets battle royale

Anime was better than the manga, for what it's worth.

Really boring

how so?

There's very little investment of the characters since they die very frequently. So you're not really attached to anyone and just want the show to end already after 10 episodes or so.

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well that's shit since characters are the most important thing.
Is Kurozuka any good? i'm downloading Shiguri and i'm pretty sure that's kino but only 12 episodes


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It's decent, but if you're routing for Iga, because they're a bunch of fucking scums than stop watching.


It's Romeo and Juliet with ninjas
and that's all you need to know



They seemed like the good guys in the flashbag with the geezer and hag
but no currently i'm rooting for the chad neckbeard and the stoic guy
but this series really doesn't seem like it should be almost 50 episodes
it feels like it should be 20 or less

I hate Romeo and Juliet
but i do like Shinobi

It's only 24

but isn't there a 2nd season with 24 more episodes?

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Yeah don't watch that it's some 10 year later shit, and it's really bad

oh so it's completely unrelated cashgrab basically?

It is ok. OP was a total banger though

Pretty much, it came out in 2018.

Okay what in the fuck why did they kill him off so early? he was funny and based
fuck this faggot show he was my favorite character what was the purpose of killing him off so quick?


To move the battle forward

For kurozuka, i can only say that i personally liked the manga, i did not watch the anime, but OP is pretty metal. After you watch Shigurui continue with the manga since the anime did not adapt everything.

Fatty was great, but my favorite was the face switching guy. His thicc imouto was also great.

They already killed off enough of that side he should have stayed till like episode 15 anyway he was so fucking based.

Why does everyone do the Naruto run?
this show is basically Seinen Naruto

>is [ ] anime good?
obviously not, what is this, Yas Forums?

Based Kosuke Toriumi and Troy Baker can't go wrong with that. If you liked the movie Ninja Scroll it's definitely worth a watch as it's an adaptation of the novel that inspired it.

Looks pretty Metal but I consider just watching the fights.