Asper girl

>almost a month since the last chapter

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At least you're not waiting on three releases a year.
Have some patience for such a pure girl.

>tfw no assburger waifu to look disappointed the shower while she rinses off my dick...

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>that curve in the mist
Saitou is fucking hung!
Doujins when?

autistic mating

Not until he draws them himself.

>that cover
gib volume 6 raws

Why is he limp? Is he gay?

Adults can control themselves.

Why do they look so different in this cover?

She grows out her hair and he pisses blood

At this point, I'd just like to know whether the current translators are still working on it or have dropped it.

Not until it gets an anime.

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>Not until he draws them himself.
I'll be waiting, user.

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If the mangaka is cool enough, there's a chance.

The last chapter was suffering so i forgot to want the next one but now that you made this thread i miss the sperg.

Is mangaka a chick or a dude?

I think both the writer and the artist are men.

good, female mangakas have been shitting up everything lately.

she's a yandere, right?

Have they had sex

They've only showered together so far.

No, she's weird about sex.

picked up

We're not even 30 chapters into a weekly series. Considering how far their relationship has progressed in that short time, the pacing is positively blistering.
Probably thanks to them both being shut-in autists so they spend all their time together and are codependent.

Give it a chance.

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They're very much not codependent, in a psychological context that doesn't mean "depending on each other".

So this is an isekai/fantasy manga where 10/10 girls with asperger syndrome exist?

Okay sorry, I meant they're heading toward codependence. She's already dependent on him emotionally, he's commented, multiple times I think? that he's also growing very attached to her emotionally.

She's like a 5/10 with horrible mental issues that take her to a 3/10. She just happens to be infatuated with the dude and the dude is a genuinely nice guy who just wants to help a fellow autist in need.

As much as I love Saitou, she's got a lot of issues that need working out. There is a supporting character with Asperger's who lives a good life with her husband and son, though.

It's conveyed through both the artwork and context that both characters are pretty average looking. They both got confessed to in high school, iirc, but they both spaghetti'd all over the place and ruined their chances. Their slutty neighbor is clearly depicted as far more attractive than the heroine, even without her derpy aspie lack of fashion sense. MC and heroine are both 5's.

No, I meant that it's a very specific term in psychology, describing a relationship where both partners feed into each other's bad habits. They do depend on each other a lot, but calling it a codependant relationship is confusing.

I mean, I'm only correcting you because I've seen people make the connection "codependant relationship = bad, so depending on your partner = bad" too many times, and that's fucked in the head.

All good man, it's my fault for using a term I only understood through a half-remembered wikidive from years ago. I just meant they're emotionally dependent on each other, yeah.