D-Frag! 122 Raw

A large 16 pages this chapter, and a large something else.

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The classic

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Evil Takao is awakening

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I thought this was a younger Kiku at first

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That's it, and that's it.

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thanks for the dump, maybe someone can tl for us

God, kazamam genes are strong in him

>they swapped clothes


God damn it takao, trust in kazama a little

Roka is truly Kazama’s ideal woman



I believe this page has Takaodad noting that most girls don’t get that tall, then remember Tama-chan (who’s taller than Kazama)

wew, quite something she got there.

Thank you.

Takao: this better not awaken anything weird in me.

Wonder what that scale means

Something about her bra being discovered I think.

I can't believe Kazama is going to be killed while wearing women's clothing

Takao no! He's your father!