Inosuke vs. Bakugo

Who wins

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Bakugou would destroy that dirty little mountain bum

bakugou of course

dunno but inosuke is not bakugo tier for that the wind pillar Sanemi is his homologue


I don't watch My Hero Academia, but I can already tell this buttboy would lose to Inosuke. I mean, just compare the fights:

Inosuke for the fact that he was not mean fuck, just autist fuck

aside from the autistic rage and yelling Boar and Kacchan are nothing alike, I don't get why people compare them all the time

A lot of recent comparisons are mostly because their birthdays are close, Bakugo on the 20th and Inosuke on the 22nd

and that they are both strength obsessed fightfags

Bakugo due to AoE hax

to be fair autistic rage and yelling are their most defining traits

like asking who wins between a wild boar and a stick of dynamite

I’d give it to the boar, wild pigs are crazy

Bakugo would make pork chops.

Bakugo is if you fuse Inosuke's rage with Tanjiro's hardheadedness

Inosuke is already hard headed

Inosuke is rabid Goku while Bakugo is rabid Naruto

It's roast piggy for dinner.

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Sanemi is the closest to Bakugo, and he's way better than that explosive retard

but not at the level of Tanjiro

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>aside from the autistic rage and yelling
You mean 90 percent of their characters?

It’s funny, because his little brother shares the same seiyuu as Bakugo

I guess Bakugo would win in an actual fight but Inosuke is infinitely more likable than he is so Inosuke wins

Inosuke is a more likable character
but Ino vs Baku is bringing a sword to a gun fight. One is a literal superhuman while the other is just a guy raised by wolves

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Technically demon slayers are pretty super human
I honestly think Inosuke is quicker and since he has the special sense ability to know when someone is going to hit him and where, he’d be able to avoid quite a few of Bakugos attacks, it’s mostly just a matter of how much damage the explosions can give if they even manage to reach him

Bakugo is a literal rocket.
Pig man ain't winning.

idk I can see pig man having a good chance at avoiding his attacks

Problem is Bakugo himself is a combat pragmatist, he tends to change his styles on the fly to suit the situation

he'll not even allow the guy to get close

Bakugos explosions don't do shit and Inosuke is canonically borderline immortal. He also has the ability to correctly predict where an attack will come from, at any angle, even if he doesn't see it. Bakugo would get too cocky, miss, and lose his head

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Inosuke would be the kind to egg him on too, especially when it’s someone like Bakugo who is so easy to get under the skin of

Plus, assuming this is a battle to the death, Inosuke has killed before. Bakugo hasn't. Inosuke wouldn't hesitate to decapitate Bakugo before he even gets off a single explosion