Who's the superior red haired demon?

Who's the superior red haired demon?

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The one who got pregnant.

Rias obviously

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Personality aside, right is way hotter.

Shamibabe has red her, right? So it's Shambalam. Ask momo.

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Left, rias, bonus points for being legal

Right, mio, bonus points for not being legal.

The one who was fucked silly canonically, also Ookuma.

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The anime answer to demon girls always makes my dick erect.

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Right, if she starts muttering onii-chan when sexually aroused.

Mio because she succeeded as a woman.

The one without the dumb ahoge

Right. Rias is not the one for me, I'm more of an Akeno dude. Mio is great though

Just started watching both of these series, what am I in for?

Rias>>>>the other one
but Koneko is the best

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Read the light novel, user.

>reading boobie animes

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Well, I'll tell you that your stipulation doesn't designate one of them




>not posting this one

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>red hair
wow who is she


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even better
but not as good as pic related

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Thought these were both the same character at first glance