Berserk thread.

>20 years to get her back from a high-functioning vegetable state
>now she is suffering a massive PTSD
Ok how many decades will it take to cure this PTSD?

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series ended when the boat ride ended, haven't read anything since

0 because Miura will end the series in 5 years to be able to spend all his time playing idolmaster.

Brown girls deserve rape.

it will not be cured, that is the point, guts and casca will never be together and we have known this for years

Did you really expect casca to get over her trauma when guts hasn't gotten past his rage?

she's going to see griffith and immediately get over it before confessing her love to him. then they fuck in front of guts again while demons take his legs and other arm and the cycle begins anew.

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Why dosent he just admit that he's lost all will to continue the series and abandon it rather then dicktease people for a single 15 page chapter every 6 months?

to be honest so did guts
the diference is that he dealt with it by killing demons for 2 years straight
the reason he got "cured" was puck

They are born of rape so they like it.

Epic friend

Just stating facts

This. Guts failed with protecting Casca. His new comrades are his future, the ones he can protect and has succeeded in protecting so far. Casca will have to remain in the past where she belongs and find her own calling.

Farnese will learn super duper cooper soul magic which will fix her.

It's gonna end in the big battle of Gut's new band of the hawk against griffith's and then guts will win. done

Might as well just end the series here. No one is getting a decent ending from this.

Farnese will learn how to please cocks

She already do

Does anyone else there besides Guts even know about the Eclipse and Griffith?

farnese and schierke to some extent now that they've been inside casca's mind, but otherwise no.

Schierke will.


I really want to see interaction between her and her kid but that's a 2026 chapter at the very earliest.


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Realized I had missed the chapter only because of this thread. I liked it but miura can suck a cock for ending in a (almost literal) cliffhanger again.

See you in two years after all the Griffith chapters when we finally get two pages of Guts and Skull Knight talking.

griffith chapters have better art anyway

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have you maybe considered saving better images?

Seeing how Miura had MONTHS in between chapters it makes sense that he would've gotten used to drawing in digital.

i just grabbed one of the double pages from kissmanga

It's 2020, fucking learn to use better sites.