Why didn't it pop off commercially the way Your Name did?

why didn't it pop off commercially the way Your Name did?

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It did

It grossed only half as much and got only a fraction of the social media attention

5th Biggest Anime film is good enough

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i didn't say anything about how well it did in a vacuum

i asked what was unique about Your Name that allowed it to break out more

I wonder how Miyazaki felt about being dethroned

Appeals more to the fantasies of loser shut in teenagers.

Once you've seen one shinkai film you've seen them all

>of loser shut in teenagers.
Loser in his twenties here. This is bullshit. The characters in Your Name are normalfaggots. I liked Koe no Katachi way more. It was far more relatable

Reminder that despite releasing in India and other countries , weathering with you didn't gross as much as your name did

You probably related to the retarded girl because you're also a retard.

I personally didn't like the idea of a kid firing a gun two times with little to no consequences. It was hard to see in him an 'innocent' character when it's obvious he is serial killer material.

He was butthurt as fuck. He actually claimed the only reason Your Name and Shin Godzilla did so well is because movies were in at the time and that if he had put out a film it would have done better.

He fired a gun to protect himself and he fired it to protect someone else. People who actually care about others and have things to live for will do things to protect them.

Once you've seen aShinkai movie you've seen them all so there's no point

Because Your Name was 2016. Things changed slightly since

Because nobody likes the thought of the plot twist where a teen girl gets Isekai'd into the sky, after she gained those weather control powers, I guess.

How can he get away from making the same movie multiple times?

Faggot. Pulling the trigger is chad mode. Awesome part of Chadaka's character.

He watched and learned from Miyazaki

he a one trick pony hack
your name did so well thanks to the insane market campaign done by the publisher, that and shinkai used all the tricks in his hack book so most of the normies who never watch a shinkai movie before was manipulated into thinking gay name is THA BEST ANIMU EVER
after that weathering is just another hack job but the normies with short attention span have already seen enough so they just moved to other trendy shit to feel relevant

The best was garden of your words, best characters, best setting, and it doesn't drag on like the rest of them. they're all the same movie it just depends on which detail you prefer over another's

proof that footfaggotry always wins

He was put under house arrest for 3 years with permission to only attend school where he lived at,I think that was a fair punishment for a minor. If he actually shot someone it would be a different story though

I like the weather and climate change themes in WWY the best. Will have to watch it on bluray to confirm.

I gotta see this.

It represented a new generation of anime viewers.

what defined that gen?

Because there was no body swapping degeneracy and it was the second time he made this kind of movie. Lightning doesn't strike the same spot twice.

>doesn't drag on like the rest of them
I don't like Garden of Words for this same reason. It was way too short to become even remotely emotionally invested. 5cm per second was the best imo.

>5cm per second was the best imo.
5cm drags the worst of them all, I was actually really disappointed in the lack of payoff. I get that it's a story about impermanence and so it ending with a limp is sort of the point but I was really underwhelmed nonetheless.

>sort of the point
You're right, that was the point. Which is why it has the most impactful and memorable ending out of any of shinkai.

normies aren't ready for oneshota