Have you embraced the glory of Isekai yet?

Have you embraced the glory of Isekai yet?

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Why is every isekai >generic fantasy, but one gimmick to try and set itself apart

Because generic fantasy is the best kind of setting someone can have.

Only gender bender Isekai is worth bothering with.

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Post her glorious butt, I need to praise it

Konosuba is like the only good isekai.

Most of those aren't very good.

when is the best isekai getting s2? is it going to be delayed because of chink flu?

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I got into it late enough that there is no longer such a thing as a "normal" isekai so my entire experience with it is parody/satires and deconstructions. I'm not even sure how I would handle an Isekai that was genuine in being an isekai without any winking and nudging.

Yeah, but Konosuba isn't one of them.

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I think I really took the isekaipill with Kenja no Mago.

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I prefer moeshit, but if it's both isekai and moe then it's OK.

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oh yeah Timestop Brave is pretty alright

log horizon is pretty terrible but DATABASE DATABASE WHOAAAA
justifies watching it

Digimon Adventure, Twelve Kingdoms, Fushigi Yuugi, Monster Farm, No Game No Life, Drifters, Dunbine.

Reminder that pre-2000s isekai is the only worthwhile isekai.

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what about the loli Hitler one.

log horizon season 1

its all downhill from there


Much of the isekai genre is insufferable because the protagonists are either 1) unusually smart/talented at something, leaving the way-too-easily-impressed-and-or-ready-to-be-dominated natives astounded at this strange person, or 2) bring Earth knowledge with them (which they have somehow perfectly memorized) and lets them cheat their way up the greasy pole.

Konosuba is great because Kazuma is/has none of that BS. He's just an ordinary NEET pushed out into a different world and had to adjust on his own. He spent a good month just working a construction job to develop some muscle. He has to carry his own party on his back because they vary between genius and utterly useless, and he's the one with the most common sense. Hell, he couldn't even get away with carrying a SUPERIOR JAPANESE KATANA because it was too long for him.

I can concede everything there except NGNL. The moment your story starts with narration about how cool your gamer siblings are and how they can somehow do all that bullshit in an MMO I drop it

Nope, the golden age lasts until 2002, then a long dry spell (with almost no isekai, good or not, until the 2010s). If you draw the line in 1999 you miss Strange Dawn and Twelve Kingdoms, and if you're gonna be looser with definitions, .hack//SIGN and Digimon [spoiler 02 and[/spoiler] Tamers as well.

>Konosuba is like the only good isekai.
Make way for the most unloved, yet fantastic show.

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It's pretty fucking popular

Then where the fuck is my season 2?

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no. for me it's gotta be webtoons that i've embraced the glory of. with a pretty kino and based AOTS like The Tower Of God ushering in this new Yas Forumsge i welcome it with open arms as a brighter, better, and higher quality Er/a/ looms on the Horizon.

This show was garbage and you know it. It just looks pretty so you force yourself to like it.

>bring Earth knowledge with them (which they have somehow perfectly memorized)
What if they have a good reason for doing so?

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Aqua looks like she could be a part of the Russian mafia, no?

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ehh...i guess she kinda looks like the useless daugther slut that gets kidnapped in every movie???

Just admit you didn't watch it. The show is full of everything Yas Forums loves, but with an original plot to go along with it.

Bonus points, it has tones of faux loli wincest to piss of normies.


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Read more dumb konofag

Nigga please he is just a different version of a sue

>I'm perfect for the role of being "the guy behind the guy, secretly running everything" because it was literally my lifelong obsession sine I was 6 years old

I'd be more inclined to believe a protag if he said that as far back as he can remember he always wanted to be a gangster

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I did watch it, sadly. It was bad and pandering to shallow viewers like you and the rest of the normalfags that likes this show.

>this is dark skinned according to Japan

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Nah, they're just spoiling future events.