Tawawa on Mondays

Blue milk

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You bakaass

I wanna touch those cows.

Someone with a fierce case of sameface maybe shouldn't put a lot of characters in-frame at once.

Don't know what your problem is. Every one in that picture is easily distinguishable.
Except I don't recognize the one holding the butter. Is that Cheer-chan? Haven't seen her in a while.


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wen mol???

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So that guy who translates the tweets isn't some random person on the internet but a professional translator who works for Studio Khara.

>a professional translator who works for Studio Khara
nogami, himura, officially translated shit when?

Not really. Just looks like the same person in different outfits

>a professional translator who works for Studio Khara
So they're the reason behind the long delay for the 3.33 R1 BDs and the weird stilted Netflix subs

>characters have different eye shapes and haircuts
>"wow it's the same person"
Really nigger?

i must say this is not very respectful toward women!

Where is the new Tawawa? Why is she missing?

You mean they should be selling human milk rather than bovine milk?

how is volley restraining herself?

Good question.

>weird stilted Netflix subs
I don't think he has anything to do with the localization. His job is listed as "English/Russian dialogue translation and cultural reference assistance." He makes sure the English used in the films is accurate and translates it into Japanese. He also worked on Black Lagoon.

月曜日のたわわ その271 『乳製品の消費にご協力ください』

>no kuroko
shit image

4channel doesn't like hearts. Weird.

Quarantined because of coronavirus. Can't leave the house. At least that's what she's telling her onii-chan.

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milk truk jus arrive

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>isn't some random person on the internet
It's almost as if he has his job title and a link to his translation portfolio in his Twitter bio.


This man knows what is good in life. Given the choose I would choose to live in a universe of his creation. If it is truly possible to makes Gods out of men, I nominate the Tawawa man to become our immortal lord.

Strawberry milk

Blue cheese is good.

>shrine tawawa playing along
did she finally get dicked by her cousin?