That "one" anime to you

Everyone has one, the one with themes and characters that appeal to you on such an emotional and conceptual level you were transfixed in awe the entire time and left feeling emotionally drained by the time it was over. A subjective masterpiece. What is it Yas Forums?

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Ping pong desu

Boku no Pico

This or welcome to NHK for me

>themes and characters that appeal to you on such an emotional and conceptual level
I'll suggest that the themes will be ideals that you care about deeply, and that the characters will exemplify these themes, such that you can relate to them and watching their development will inspire you to improve yourself as well.
For me, it's pic related.

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pic related

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For me pic related

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If I had to pick one

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Isn't strictly this version but the light novels as well

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Sorry but I'll have to say it*s Bleach, The amount of philosophical/spiritual, pseudoscientific references that I interpreted into it in my childish head was inhumane

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NHK definitely.
If talking anime-ish bullshit like VNs, ChäOS;HEAd

>Jesus figures
>respecting others wishes even if eventually it will lead to their own harm
>selfless justice vs self interest
>Not giving up on something that might be a lost cause just so that you don't fall fall into despair

This show...

For me it's Houseki, I don't think any other anime or manga has ever left me feeling the same way.

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You posted it, Okabes constant struggle to find the light and his perseverance through the seemingly inevitable was unironically a huge inspiration to me. While cliche as it may be those kind of themes will still always be relevant, the way Okabe exemplified these themes just really resonated with me. One of my favorite protagonists.

Watch more anime

Sora no Woto for sure.
I recognise it has flaws but nothing really aligned with my worldview as much as Sora no Woto.
On the flipside you have Hyougemono which didn't align but actively changed my perception of the world instead.

Elfen lied
>Don't judge me plz I'll cry

Will it ever be topped bros?

Not an anime, but a manga.

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Big O is this for me. The first season is pretty much the perfect anime, in my eyes. I don't even mind the second season all that much because it features satisfying payoffs for some of the things the first season builds up.

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future boy conan
loved that show.
death note reminds me of it and is also very good.


naruto xD

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good choice

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