>Had 80 years to prepared for the holy grail war
>Summons shitters like Jack the ripper, astolfo, frankenstein and arguably Avicebron
>Meanwhile the opposing team had a couple weeks at most to prepare and they summon monsters like Mordred, Karna and Achilles who are more than enough to take on the entire black team. The only bad pic was spartacus.
Why was Darnic so retarded?

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He was a poorfag who couldn't get the good catalysts. Besides, all the good catalysts are either hoarded by the association or lost in all the meme grail wars that popped up.

Jack isnt even a bad assasin, she just was summoned by a retard and got adopted by a crazy retard lady.

I'd summon Frankenstein too even if she's weak. Have you seen how fucking cute and perfect she was? Literally the only good thing about this show

At least Siegfried is strong

but also retard

The opposing team was secretly led by a Ruler-class servant who went out of his way to prepare for this war. Remember that he spent like 20 years digging through the Iraqi desert looking for Semiramis's catalyst which is how he got his nice tan.

when do we get a grail war where all of the servants are all absolute jokes who don't fit their classes at all but can still get shit done
>Caster can't use magic
>Assassin is unable to kill people
>Berserker is never mad at all
>Archer doesn't have a bow, has to rely on throwing stuff
>Rider has nothing to ride on
>Saber's sword is so far from sharp that it functions more as a club than a sword
>who knows for lancer

Judging by how his family members acted, it seemed like they fully expected Siegfried and Vlad to do all the work in winning the war and that the other servants were just filler.

>Berserker is never mad at all
That's basically every berserker at this point in fate. Gone are the days of servants being enslaved by their madness and unable to even basically speak.

just make it an animal then
maybe bigfoot

>Archer doesn't have a bow, has to rely on throwing stuff
user, that's literally Gilgamesh. And Emiya to some extent since he barely uses his bow

>Assassin is unable to kill people
So every Assassin?

David also pretty much throws rocks at people

In fairness he uses a sling and that's close enough.

So Archer would be a guy who throws arrows?
Who would fit for that?

this but archer


Sitting Bull, but instead of using arrows he uses tomahawks.

I wish they used the old concept art for it, the new one looks horrible

here's your servants bro
>Caster Houdini
>Assassin Lupin
>Archer Sitting Bull
>Lancer Little John
>Berserker Bigfoot
>Rider Quixote
only question is who saber would be

Lancer is actually a shield only chad

I mean, we're getting there with the Grands

>Grand Assassin doesn't even hide or "assassinate", he's just the presence of death
>Grand Archer literally just hits things with a club
>Grand Lancer *IS HIMSELF* the lance

Zero doubts that Grand Berserker is going to be the most calm person ever, and Grand Rider doesn't ride anything but every single woman (and some of the guys) want to mount him.

fuck off back to /vg/

>Grand Rider doesn't ride anything but every single woman (and some of the guys) want to mount him.

>went out of his way to prepare for this war
True, but that was only for the servant he was attempting to summon. The rest of the servants were summon through catalyst that where given to the rest masters via the mage's association.

Jack is actually pretty good.

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>Grand Berserker is going to be the most calm person ever
Perhaps, in one of the lostbelts Daybit and his grand servant(presume to be berserker since that's the type of class he was going to summon) appeared. His grand started rambling on about something concerning dead people then daybid stepped in and basically told him to shut up.

Why is Kirei the only based Fate villain? No one else can compare.

>lancer is very lucky and not a jobber for once
holy shit, a revolutionary fate series

To be fair to Darnic, he may have been in a situation similar to Kairi and could have gotten any paladin and was banking on a better one like Roland or even Charlamange to be summoned. Jack is a specialist with good matchups against women and could have easily taken out at least Atalanta. Fran is a wash because Red team's berserker was not much better as both of their main tactic is go to the enemy, explode, and take out as many as possible.

Why does rider have to be a man? Medb fits just fine

Does he still speak?