I really love dramas that have big/slow buildups with good character establishment...

I really love dramas that have big/slow buildups with good character establishment,you know ones that have these great emotional moments that don't feel calculated and dishonest and give you a cathartic release. Ones with tragedy and characters that actually feel organic.

Pic completely unrelated of course.

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angry disagreement here

Based, VEG is oscar bait tier shit

Veg isnt that good but it isnt as bad as its shitposted to be.
If you didnt think it was decent then you need to watch more anime.

After the success of yesterday's thread, I can see why you would post the same image and slightly altered text again today. Surely, today you will once again get the (You)s you so desperately crave.
This post completely unrelated, of course.


OP is mad as fuck.

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mods deleted the last thread after this show got btfo'd, really makes you think

Yeah, it was utterly BTFO with solid arguments. No arguments were made in response and mods deleted it despite it being on topic


VEGtards and Kyoanitrannies will sethee

Is this how you cope?

Why do you try to gather the attention of that mentally ill VEGfag freak? Stop obsessing.

Why do people hate it so much
I get disliking it and then moving on, but you faggots are so butthurt over how good it was that you continue to make daily threads just to seeth.

People hate it because of its fanbase, if it didn't have literally THE worst poster(s) on this board people would have liked it as much as any other kyoani production.

they hate because it's unironically a modern classic
no i'm not kidding you, it's among the best rated anime of all time on every single major anime site known to man regardless of language
also the fanbase is quite the shitposting one

tl;dr it's butthurt

Excellent bait

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Based OP for once.

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Finally just starting it now, and as usual, angry that KyoAni (pre-fire) manage to always blow every single other studio away. How can they continually make shit so pretty?

Based. After Story is a great example of the slow cathartic buildup you're talking about.

>thread suddenly getting attention
It woke up

Lots of time and high quality workers that get paid.

Too bad they literally make shit too pretty. Wish they had adapted actual good stories.

>He hasn't seen After Story

Wish they'd adapt hentai too.

thank you for proving my point
stop getting mad, son

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Link or its fake


easiest win of my life

All me

By far the most exceptional thing about Violet Evergarden was its most underrated component, the sheer force of marketing. People were so taken away by PVs that looked nothing like the show they already decided they love mediocrity.

This, it's extremely dishonest crybait.

I guess FMA:B is one of the best anime of all time then

>Kyoanitranny already seething

it is, regardless of me really not liking it
a single person, or even Yas Forums, doesn't get to decide anything