Will her suffering ever end?

Will her suffering ever end?

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looked like shinako for a second, nvm

Which one's younger?


is this anime?

>drinking beer

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Why do japs like to drink with coworkers after their 10 hour shift?

japanese people are just superior to americans. they like each other in real life

It's company culture. It's actually seen as something rude or disrespectful to reject an invitation from coworkers.


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that isn't that prevalent anymore

no that's the older senpai superior not the usual kouhai

It's manga and it will be anime soon.

Douki-chan will win, eventually. But she will have do endure a little longer.

Maybe if she fixed her fucking sour puss attitude anytime another woman showed up, she’s have a better chance. Just a little food for thought.

>Douki has lewd dreams of both herself and Kouhai with the mc
Dream of MC railing his senpai when?

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This looks like they will never find the body. Ganbare Douki-chan!


Based Black tights

Tan will win by virtue of being the underdog. Black is for WHORES

What's she thinkin?

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"I'll bury that whore"

She needs to sexually dominate her

Forget the girls and sensei. This better be S2

Senpai is the perfect man so he will pick Douki-chan.

Prone-boning Douki-chan before going to work in the morning!

Having sex with succubus-chan in front of douki-chan

Why are you like this?

This seems like it's literally one joke over and over.

Why aren't you?

what is this someone give me a quick rundown

I just had to look it up. I think it's called something like "Senpai Is Mine, Ganbare, Douki-Chan"

Does she like me? Is that we she's so distraught?

" He declined your invitation, didn’t he? “

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I love douki-chan and would never break her heart, you have a poisoned soul

made for cucking

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