You should read manga from before 2000

You should read manga from before 2000.

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If it good and it has ended already, sure. I am tired of reading ongoing publications.

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It's ended.

Gilgamesh is a fucking trip

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I have recently finished Living Game and it was sort of OK. It felt like a Takahashi style romcom but with the Japanese housing tribulations theme. How would you describe Stop Hibari-kun?

I do.

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1990s anime has great music that gives me da nostalgia feels, but manga has none of that, so why should I read old manga with no cute girls?

It's a gag manga.
Young boy's parents die so he moves in with a family friend, a yakuza boss who has a trans-daughter.

Who said the girls aren't cute?

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I read the synopsis already. What is your opinion on it.

It's good and he draws cute girls.

I'll read the first chapter to get a feel.

Name 5 of them with cute lolis and I will.

Is this a Bulma nock off?

I am reading Dragonball

I do occasionally.

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Maybe my mind is in the gutter but I'm confused by the heart symbol near her age. 15 years old (heart) and prime to sell my body! (heart)

No, she predates Dragonball.

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The manga predates most prefectures raising their age of consent above 15, even distribution of CP was legal when it was running, and possession wasn't banned until 2015.

>and prime to sell my body! (heart)
Am I retarded, where does it say this?

Does Black Cat count even when its post 00s?

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Why should I read garbage?

any good romance? thats not sports

t. zoomer

Naoki Urasawa draws Cute Girl doing cute Judo things

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Nope. It's shit

I love Yawara, it's a shame the scans are imcomplete, I had to go to the anime.
Surprisingly Urasawa knows how to draw cute and even sexy characters.

Pretty sure Hibari is just a really feminine dude crossdressing.

A personal favorite, I enjoyed the modern adaption too.

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Already do

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I do

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Might have to check this one out...

>thought this was Aikawa at first glace
Well, I suppose I was newhalf right.

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